Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Been Awhile

I know I've been ignoring the blog lately but I've really had nothing to blog about. Life has been pretty ho-hum. Oh yeah, last weekend I did go see the Zac Brown Band in concert. I went with Susan, Leslie and Leslie's boy_friend...can't remember his name. Anyway, I don't have any pictures to post because it was raining so I didn't take my camera. I'm glad that I didn't take the camera because it rained cats and dogs. That's ok though, we had ample rain gear and stayed dry. Our seats were great, the show was was just all around great!

Um, let's see, what else has happened since my last post??? Oh yeah, I've won the Edifice office football pool two out of the first three weeks of the season!!! I'm very stoked about that. I've been telling everyone at work (even though they could care less). We have a meeting every Monday morning (it includes all the higher ups) and we start with celebrations. I, of course, had a celebration...I was victorious in the football pool. Somehow, my celebration didn't make it into the official notes from the meeting.

I'm sitting here listening to Mike rant about Troy Aikman while watching the Cowboys play. He really doesn't like Troy any more because Troy tries to be objective and doesn't just lust over the Cowboys blindly. What a traitor!!!

I'm trying to finish reading Julie & Julia. It's good and Julie is very funny. Not to mention, she has a foul mouth!! But I'm very disappointed to learn that she has a new book coming out that chronicles the affair she had after she wrote her first book. How could she cheat on Eric?!?!

Ok, that's enough random rambling for now. Maybe, before too long, I'll have some pictures to post of something.