Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Wild and Crazy Girls

Went to Concord to visit with Virginia and check out the new house. Oh, and meet the newest member of the family, Cookie. The house was great and seemed to be perfect for their little family. So happy for them! Cookie is indeed a pup. He, yes, Cookie is a he, is quite enthusiastic. He is adorable though. Susan and Samantha also came up to visit.

Here they are making sweet music.

We went out to lunch. Check out Virginia's outfit...had me cracking up.

Love the boots. Only problem was it was about 60 degrees outside. I harkened back to a softball game I had as a kid. Mom dressed me in these god-awful gold shorts. They did not come close to matching my uniform shirt. I can still vividly remember knowing that my mom had dressed me funny. At least Virginia will be too young to remember this. Kathy tried to blame it on Virginia by saying that she picked them out. I had to remind her that she was the parent here.

It got even worse. By the time we left the restaurant, this is what she looked like.


We did have fun in the car grooving to some Temptations. Samantha has good taste in music. We danced and busted out some classic Temptations moves. Too fun!

On the way back Samantha showed us her wild side. She let her hair down, literally, and proceeded to do some head banging.

Just makes me laugh!!! That's her 'don't mess with me' rocker look. I tried to get her to do a classic rocker pose but she couldn't quite get it. Virginia got it though.

Now we just need to work on her rocker look.

Just thought I'd throw this one in.

After lunch I schooled Kathy and Susan with my dance moves. I dominated in some Wii dance game.

Virginia wasn't the only one with funny shoes. Susan left the house wearing her bedroom slippers. But with those two cuties a round no one is looking at us.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Redneck Thanksgiving

This post will not have pictures of your traditional Thanksgiving gathering. For entertainment we did some target shooting. We bought Mike's dad this for his birthday.

Our zombie was a notorious terrorist.

This was a good little target. It was supposed to 'bleed' when you shot it. It really didn't bleed a whole lot but I think we just weren't using big enough ammo.

We did some damage and we'll do some more later too.

We also did some skeet shooting. Brandon had a hand held thrower, which I sucked at. Thankfully, others were much more successful and it actually worked better than I thought it would for sure.

Fun times but I did miss my family and my sweet little nieces.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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