Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, that sucked!!

Well, Sunday was a wash out. After many years, we were headed back to Martinsville for a race. I was looking forward to it. Martinsville never disappoints. Well, up until now. I knew it wasn't a good sign when we checked on the drive up and there was a Flood Warning issued for Martinsville. Needless to say, it was rained out.

I even bought a JPM hat and was excited to embarrass Dave (our friend that went) by wearing it. We put on all our rain gear and walked to the track, in the rain. We set in our seats, in the rain, and watched them dry the track. It actually stopped raining and the track was getting dry. I did have a bit of hope...until it started to rain again. We gave up hope and hoofed it back to the car. At least I got home in time to watch The Amazing Race. Oh wait, I couldn't watch The Amazing Race because crazy Eric Thomas had to keep breaking in to give us an 'update' on the weather. Thanks Eric, but I think I can remember what to do in case of a tornado. I don't need to be reminded every five minutes. I can even remember it today...1. get out of a mobile home. But don't do it in a car because #2 is don't be in a car!!!

I took a few pictures at the track but just didn't feel like uploading them. I'm pretty sure they sucked anyway. I could have gone back today but just didn't feel like trekking back up there and parking in all that sloppy mess. It's just as well, I would have been disappointed at the outcome.

Totally off the subject, but I heard the most disturbing song on the radio Saturday morning. It was a duet with Brett Michaels and....Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, gross me out!!! It was creepy!!! Brett, that was not a good career move. It just screams desperation. It was just wrong on so many levels. I still get the 'gross me out' chills just thinking about it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's About Time

After living in the house for about 15 months, we figured it was about time to get some landscaping. I took a few pictures so you could see how it turned out. We were pretty pleased.

On another note...we've been putting out deer feed right outside of our fence. The deer have been enjoying their nightly snacks courtesy of yours truly. Well, it may not have been such a good idea to put the food quite so close to the fence. As we were looking out of our living room window yesterday evening, we noticed that two of the spindles of our black aluminum fence were bend in toward the yard. This was right where the deer food is. As we investigated further, we noticed, almost directly across the yard, another set of fence spindles pushed out toward the unfenced portion of the yard. It would appear that a deer (probably a baby) got into the fence, ran across the yard, and then proceeded to get out of the fence. Needless to say, the deer food has been moved away from the fence. I would have taken pictures, but luckily Mike was able to bend the fence back into place. Wow, we really bought a sturdy fence huh!!

Enjoy the landscaping pictures!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old As Dirt!!

Yup, Susan is old as dirt!!! Ok, not quite, but close. Saturday was her 30th B-day. As a gift, I got her some essential items for those in their 30s - Depends, Hemorrhoid Cream, and a nice housecoat. She was appreciative. I think Sam liked the box they came in more than Susan liked the items in the box.

Susan and Joe invited the crazy Fords to their house for dinner on Saturday. Sad huh...Susan had to throw a party for herself! We're slackers, what can I say. Unfortunately, we were a few short. Kathy and Virginia couldn't come because Virginia has RSV and is contagious. Mike decided to stay home because he had a stomach ache. So it was just me and Mom and Dad. Joe and I spent some time railing against stupid people and some against educators (sorry Mom). After my angry venting session, I was ready for dinner. And boy was it good!!! Joe is a dang good cook. We had yummy Chicken Enchiladas. As Joe said "They stick to your ribs!".

After dinner we had a Wii bowling tourney. I tried to teach Sam to do the international Loser Sign to Dad. I beat him down in bowling!!! Then I made Joe drag out the Wii Fit board because I'd never seen one. That was some funny, funny stuff. What can be funnier than cheering for your Dad's Wii character to get whacked upside the head by a virtual soccer cleat?? Not to be outdone, the Wii Hula Hooping game was a knee slapper. Mom said she needed the Depends because she was gonna wet her pants laughing at Dad. Susan was just down right sad at that game. It was disgraceful.

It was fun times!! Happy Birthday Sis!! You're still young at heart and that's all that matters!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Couldn't Figure It Out Myself

I started the 'Dead Ant' song myself and I couldn't figure out what it was (even though I thought I did).

It all started when Mike said "Come see this dead ant!" I was of course tripping all over myself with excitement to go see this dead ant. For some reason, I just started singing:

Dead ant

Dead get the picture!!

You know when you do something or say something and it's just hilarious to, well, only to you. That's how the Dead Ant song was. I just was tickled with myself for being so witty so quick. I had a good laugh at my own funny self. Mike, however, didn't find it too funny. I told him it was the theme song from Jaws, duh. I proceeded to sing it all day. Then, I had an epiphany, and realized it was not the theme song to Jaws, it was the theme song to The Adams Family, duh. I told Mike it was actually the Adams Family song and he didn't argue.

Then, I posted the Dead Ant song on the blog and come to find out, it's actually the theme song to the Pink Panther. Somehow, that made it even funnier!!! I crack me up!!! Mike said he knew all along it was really the Pink Panther song (err, the muscial score) but didn't tell me since I was so dumb to not know the song - twice!! Again, I just giggled at my dumb ass self!! It's still funny actually!! I've now started to sing the Dead Ant song every time I do something stupid, which seems to happen pretty dang often.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Can you figure it out???

Repeat the following out loud:

Dead ant

Dead ant

Dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead annnt

Dead ant dead ant

What does that remind you of???

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ode to the Winter Olympics

We really enjoyed the Winter Olympics this time around. We watched pretty much every night. What we loved most of all was...Curling!!!

Once you figured out the rules and realized all the strategy involved, you couldn't turn it off. For instance, what weight should be thrown? Should they throw the draw, just peel, or try to freeze to the shot rock?? If they have the hammer, should they try to blank the end?? If the other team has the hammer, should you try for the force. It's all about getting your stones in the house. But you don't want to put the stone behind the T-Line. And of course, you've got to guard the house. If you've got a good Skip, you're golden.

We'd sit and watch for hours. We'd check the TV schedule and make sure to catch the matches. If we were not going to be here, we'd tape the matches. We didn't want to miss a moment. Some may say that Curling is boring. As one girl at work put it "I'd rather watch grass grow." I'd beg to differ. What could be more exciting than watching grown men and women slide down the ice on one slippery shoe and sweep like their lives depend on it.

I think Mike and I are going to freeze water on the driveway next winter and have a little Curling tourney of our own. Only 4 more years until my Curling needs will be met again.