Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ode to the Winter Olympics

We really enjoyed the Winter Olympics this time around. We watched pretty much every night. What we loved most of all was...Curling!!!

Once you figured out the rules and realized all the strategy involved, you couldn't turn it off. For instance, what weight should be thrown? Should they throw the draw, just peel, or try to freeze to the shot rock?? If they have the hammer, should they try to blank the end?? If the other team has the hammer, should you try for the force. It's all about getting your stones in the house. But you don't want to put the stone behind the T-Line. And of course, you've got to guard the house. If you've got a good Skip, you're golden.

We'd sit and watch for hours. We'd check the TV schedule and make sure to catch the matches. If we were not going to be here, we'd tape the matches. We didn't want to miss a moment. Some may say that Curling is boring. As one girl at work put it "I'd rather watch grass grow." I'd beg to differ. What could be more exciting than watching grown men and women slide down the ice on one slippery shoe and sweep like their lives depend on it.

I think Mike and I are going to freeze water on the driveway next winter and have a little Curling tourney of our own. Only 4 more years until my Curling needs will be met again.


Susan said...

You are too darn funny!! I wasn't aware of all the strategy involved in Curling. I watched a whole lot of Olympics myself this year and throughly enjoyed it. Can I please get advance notice of when the driveway freezing / curling tourney is to happen. I would like to be in attendance.

Absolutely Kathy said...

Oh that is too funny. We really enjoyed the Olympics to this year. It was a nice break from my usual PBS kid shows. I would like an advance notice of this driveway freezing/ curling tourney too. We could have a curl off Hilderbrands vs Wikes! Maybe Virginia will be able to sweep by then :-)