Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Week of Nothing

Well, again, another boring, run of the mill week. I find that it's time for my weekly blog post and I don't have any material, pictures, or interesting stories. I did finish a good book - Once a Spy by Keith Thomson. I also saw a good movie "Sunshine Cleaning". I watched it via NetFlix over the internet. I gave it 5 stars. For some reason I got really weepy over the movie. It was also another week of not a phone call from any family members. I'm beginning to wonder if I've been excommunicated from the family. I guess I'll break down and lose the stand off and call Mom once I get done with this post. I'm taking Yana to the vet tomorrow. She's had this nasty, disgusting sore on her back for almost two weeks now. It doesn't hurt or itch her but it just won't get any better. It just seems to be getting slowly worse. I hate to go to the vet for something totally unnecessary, but I think it's time to go. I had a miserable week on Fantasy Baseball. I lost 2-7-1. My childhood hair band hero, Brett Michaels, is in the hospital for a brain hemorrhage...get well soon Brett!! I put a bird feeder out last week and not a single bird has graced it. Birdseed doesn't go bad does it?? I filled the feeder up with seed that's at least two years old. Ok, I think I'm done typing what ever comes to mind. Until next week...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Random Stuff

Didn't really have much going on last week so I guess I'll just ramble on about random things that happened last week...
First, I need to show you how Mike fixed his drippy bathroom faucet. First, how a normal faucet should look

Ok, next, Mike's sink after he 'fixed' it...

Notice anything a little off about this picture?? The handles are in the off position but are not in the 'normal' off position. In his defense, the sink does not leak anymore.

I had ordered an outfit from my new favorite catalog (Chadwicks) and was excited that it finally came. It was some leggings and a long shirt/dress thing. It looked really cute in the catalog. I tried it on and Mike asked me if it was a maternity dress!! Not quite the reaction I was going for. Needless to say, it's going back.

I've decided that I need to do something about my lilly white legs. I bought a bottle of Jergen's Natural Glow. It is supposed to enhance my 'natural glow'. I hope I don't end up some gross orange color. If I do, I will not be posting a picture of that.

I was sitting outside on Friday night on my lawn talking to my neighbor and playing with her dog. In doing so, I felt a bump (on the dog, not me). It was a tick. My neighbor proceeds to just rip it off with her bare hands and then squish it to death. I was a bit shocked!!

Mike and I put out some mulch on Saturday and my neighbor's little girl, Kassidy wanted to help. I asked her if people call her Kassie or Kassidy. She said "You can call me Kassie as long as it's Kassie with a 'K'." We said, oh, we were saying Kassie with a 'C'. (funny)! So, she spread mulch and then helped me wash the dogs. Nothing like a little child labor to help you get through your Saturday chores (right Mom and Dad!!).

Finally, I'm obsessed with my Fantasy Baseball team. I check my results as soon as I get home everyday. I can't check at work (which is actually a good thing). Once I've set my line up, I talk about how my team is doing constantly. Mike is not pleased. He said he wished we'd never done it because I'm annoying. How long has he known me?? Shouldn't he know by now that I'm a bit obsessive compulsive!!

That's all...maybe I'll have something interesting for next week...but kinda doubt it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Mike sprung a nice surprise on me on Thursday. He wanted to take a weekend trip to Tellico Plains, TN. We took the bike. I did not take mine. Three reasons: 1. It was a long trip (we rode 480 miles on Sat.) 2. I wasn't so confident of my skills on tight mountain roads 3. Sometimes it's nice to just hang out and take in the sights. I hope to take my bike on our next little excursion. I'll never get better if I don't practice. Mike will just have to pass a few hundred less cars when I'm along.

Anyway, we rode on some really, really nice roads. We rode Hwy 143 in NC and it was Hwy 165 in Tenn. It was a pretty popular road with bikes and fast cars. The scenery was great and would be spectacular in the fall once the leaves have changed. Many of the leaves in the higher elevations had not come in yet. This went through the Nantahala National Forest. There were already some kayakers braving the cold water.

I knew Mike must have wanted to go there because of some dirt roads. And sure enough, we road on some nice dirt roads (except for a few potholes here and there). We needed the practice on dirt roads for our upcoming vacation to Alaska.

We stayed the night in Murphy, NC. The next morning we took Hwy 64 and it again went through the Nantahala National Forest. This too was a nice road and it would also be great when the leaves change colors. We saw some great waterfalls. This road went through Highlands and Cashiers. We turned off 64 onto Hwy 215 and this was really nice also. All in all we had nice weather and got to see some pretty scenery. It was a really nice weekend getaway. I hope to go back in the fall.
Enjoy the pics...

Bald River Falls in Tellico Plains, TN.

Hiawassee Dam in NC (our could be GA?) - don't get dizzy looking down. We saw this because we decided to take a side road into Murphy because we were stuck behind some slow traffic. It was a good detour.

View from the top of the dam.

We came across this waterfall on Hwy 64 outside of Highlands, NC.

This was just up the road from the previous waterfall. I thought this was pretty neat.

Random lake

Dirt road near Indian Boundry Lake in Tenn.

Covered bridge near where we eat lunch at Tellico Beach.

Hwy 143/165

Just picture how nice this would be with the leaves in full color.