Monday, December 19, 2011

Elf Ron

It was time for our annual work Christmas activities. First, our building had a door decorating contest. My department was two time defending champion. We found out the day before that no one else in the building was going to participate. What can I say, they were scared. We didn't care, we decorated our door anyway. The theme was Christmas carols. Our door was based off of the classic, "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer".

We tweaked it a bit to be "Our Budget Got Run Over By a Senator". We re-wrote the entire song. We even had it performed at the building Christmas lunch. What can I say, we're rock stars.

The big to-do at the building was a contest we had to raise money for a needy family. It was between me, Ron, and Alvera. Alvera is the HR Director. If you will recall, I plastic wrapped Ron's entire office one time. People put money in our respective jars. Bills were positive and coins were negative points. The person with the most points had to wear an elf outfit at the Christmas lunch. You've got to understand, Ron is a 6 ft 5 in black guy. Who wouldn't want to see him dressed as an elf?? He thought he was smart because he brought in a lot of coins to put in his jar. I was waiting until the last minute to make my move. I even requested help at the Principals meeting. At the last minute I put in plenty of money to ensure that I got the outcome I wanted.

Check out the rockin white shoes!! He wasn't happy but was a good sport. The best part were the ears. We says he's going to get me back but I couldn't have done it by myself.

This is the Finance department. Does this not look like a capable department??

We had to have our picture made with the Christmas elf!! So funny!! He may look like he was smiling but he was more gritting his teeth and mumbling under his breath.

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