Sunday, May 30, 2010

St.Louis - Part II

We saw the Angel's lose Friday night's game. The St. Louis pitcher hit a grand slam. Needless to say, it was a long game.

Saturday morning we decided to take a long cab ride to Grant's Farm. We weren't planning on going but heck, how often will we be in St. Louis? Dad recommended that we check it out. It was another interesting cab ride. This cabbie was in his 70s. He had lots of opinions as to what's the matter with America these days. I'd have to admit that we agreed with most of what he had to say.

Grant's Farm is also owned by the Busch Family. This was also free and of beer!!! This was a farm owned by Ulysses S. Grant at one point in time. I can't really remember how it came to be in the Busch Family. It may have been through a marriage. Anyway, you take a tram ride through some of the farm and you're on the lookout for some free range animals.

Then they dump you out at the mini zoo. They had an elephant, kangaroos, monkeys...etc. The best part was the baby goats. You could buy baby bottles of milk for $1 and then go in the pen and feed the baby goats. These goats were old pros at attacking the tourists with the milk. The meaner goats would literally ram the smaller goats out of the way. If they weren't drinking your milk, they were trying to eat your clothes. We really enjoyed this. We tried to find the smaller, punier goats to feed.

This farm also had some Clydesdale's. There were even some adorable babies. I read something that said most of the Clydesdale's are born in Montana. Anyway, this was a fun little trip to fill the time before the 1:15 game.

This would have been a good picture if not for the 'dust' particles that the camera picked up.

As promised, a baby Clydesdale.

Beer Garden at Grant's Farm.

Can't you see why this was so much fun?? How adorable!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

St. Louis - Part I

This weekend we went to St. Louis for our annual baseball trip. We usually go to Baltimore to see our beloved Angels. However, MLB didn't keep the usual Angels weekend trip to Baltimore so we were forced to go to St. Louis. We flew in on Friday and saw the Friday and Saturday games. The Angels lost Friday and won Saturday. Which is what usually happens on our trips. I don't think that we've seen them ever win both the games we've gone to see.

Since we got there early on Friday we went to the Anheuser Busch Brewery tour. You can't go to St. Louis and not visit the home of the King of Beers!! We took a cab and meet a really nice cabbie from Iraq. He educated us all about how Iraqis raise pigeons and have pigeon races - don't know if I believe that or not.

Anyway, the tour was free and they gave everyone (21 or older of course) two free beers - yippee!! This place was amazing!!! The brewery sits on 100 acres. Granted we only saw a small bit of the facility. The enormity of the place was unbelievable. They took you on this tour and you were able to see how the beer is made. I thought that the neatest thing was the bottling facility. We really enjoyed this tour and did I mention we got free beer!! (I really don't like beer, but it was neat.)

This beautiful place is actually a part of the working brewery. I can't remember what part of the process happens here. That cool chandelier was purchased during the World's Fair - which also brought us the Arch.

You can't visit the brewery and not see the Bud dog!! He was wondering around the stables that housed some Clydesdales (of course). This dog was well behaved and stayed behind the ropes. Just like Yana would do!!

Just look at all those bottles of Buds!!

This is the building that housed the bottling operations. It is massive inside.

Another pic of that really pretty building that was a part of the brewing process - again, not sure what part...but it was pretty.

Just a neat sign.

Interesting fact: The first time that the Clydesdale's were hitched to a wagon was at the end of Prohibition. They told us that they delivered a beer to the White House for Roosevelt.

Interesting fact: They said that the Midwest consumes the most beer.

If you're in St. Louis, you gotta visit the brewery. It was a very well thought out tour and what can I say, Bud knows how to promote their product. Mike had a Bud Light Lime for dinner on Saturday.

Monday, May 17, 2010

American Idol

The Twins' hometown kid is staying anchored to home.

All-Star catcher Joe Mauer and Minnesota completed an eight-year, $184 million deal, a contract which will inevitably be hailed within baseball as an example that teams like the Twins do have a chance to keep their homegrown talent.

The deal, which includes a full no-trade clause, ranks in scope with only Alex Rodriguez's 10-year, $275 million contract and Derek Jeter's 10-year, $189 million contract.

Mauer is generally regarded as the American League's best player and may be baseball's most coveted player, given his unique set of skills. Mauer, who turns 27 next month, already has won three batting titles and two Gold Glove Awards, and last year, he began to hit for power, posting a 1.031 OPS.

It took a realization on all sides that Joe Mauer had to be a Twin, forever and ever to make this extension happen. If Mauer had become a free agent in the fall, he probably would have been the most coveted free agent since Rodriguez reached free agency after the 2000 season. With the use of total free-agent leverage, Mauer might have commanded a deal for something in the range of $250 million in the fall.

But all along, Mauer -- taken by the Twins' No. 1 overall in the same year that Mark Prior was eligible for the draft -- indicated a desire to remain with the Twins in his hometown of St. Paul surrounded by family and friends. It appears that he will play his entire career for the Twins.

The above was summarized from an ESPN Magazine article. I just wanted to come clean about my growing obsession with this little cutie. What a good guy he is!!! Who couldn't love a nice young guy who choose loyalty over making a few extra million bucks. He'll be making $184 million vs. a possible $250 million had he tested the free agent market. For once, someone with some sense realizes that $184 million is plenty of money to live a pretty descend life.

He grew up in Minnesota, was drafed by the Twins, and will play his whole career as a Twin. What a story!! In today's day and age of free agents and following the money, he is a breath of fresh air. I've heard nothing but good things about him and he's an athlete that you can actually have your kids look up to. Not to mention he's my #1 player on my Fantasy Team!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I must apologize right off, I have absolutely no pictures of any mothers to post!! I know, I suck. We were pretty busy this weekend. First we went to Taylorsville to have a cookout to celebrate our nephew's fiance's college graduation. Joni has worked really hard and we are very proud of her. Now, let's keep our fingers crossed that she can find a teaching job.

The boys played horseshoes. Mike wasn't half bad but his dad was the real pro!!! I was fortunate enough to be on his team. We smoked Keith (my brother-in-law) and Mike. It was embarrassing.

An action shot!!!

Sunday we went to Gastonia to visit Mom for Mother's Day. We went to their favorite local place for lunch...Milanos. It was busy, of course, but we didn't have to wait too long. Lunch was good. Susan, Joe, and Samantha came by at about 2pm. Samantha was a hoot as always. Check out the cute pics.

The next biker in the family!

She was funny playing with this toy. She would really slam the balls back in the hole. Pretty funny!!

Doesn't she look innocent!!!

It was good to see the family this weekend. We enjoyed our time with both families. I hope all the mother's had a great weekend!! We love you all!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poor Little Yana

It started out innocently enough. About two weeks ago I noticed a little pink knot on Yana's back. Over the course of the next two weeks, the little pink bump got bigger and bigger and it just wouldn't heal. It didn't hurt her and it didn't appear to itch. But it was just gross so I decided to take her to the vet on Tuesday. I left her there and they called and said it needed to come off. They really didn't know what it was. They said it could be a round cell tumor or a mass cell tumor. I think it was a cyst. We'll never know. I decided to not have it tested.

When I picked her up she looked just like the same ole Yana, except for the wrapping around her body. I didn't feed her as much that night and she knew it. She barked and barked until I figured out she was still hungry. So, after getting more food, she was satisfied. The rest of the week she acted like nothing was the matter.

The stitches come out on Thursday. She's a trooper and is just too cute!!

This is the wound.

How can you not love that face!!!