Sunday, May 2, 2010

Poor Little Yana

It started out innocently enough. About two weeks ago I noticed a little pink knot on Yana's back. Over the course of the next two weeks, the little pink bump got bigger and bigger and it just wouldn't heal. It didn't hurt her and it didn't appear to itch. But it was just gross so I decided to take her to the vet on Tuesday. I left her there and they called and said it needed to come off. They really didn't know what it was. They said it could be a round cell tumor or a mass cell tumor. I think it was a cyst. We'll never know. I decided to not have it tested.

When I picked her up she looked just like the same ole Yana, except for the wrapping around her body. I didn't feed her as much that night and she knew it. She barked and barked until I figured out she was still hungry. So, after getting more food, she was satisfied. The rest of the week she acted like nothing was the matter.

The stitches come out on Thursday. She's a trooper and is just too cute!!

This is the wound.

How can you not love that face!!!


Absolutely Kathy said...

Poor Yana give her a kiss for me!

Susan said...

Oh wow! That is a big incision! Glad Mike was home yesterday when it popped open. Yana's a trooper! See y'all Sunday.