Sunday, May 23, 2010

St. Louis - Part I

This weekend we went to St. Louis for our annual baseball trip. We usually go to Baltimore to see our beloved Angels. However, MLB didn't keep the usual Angels weekend trip to Baltimore so we were forced to go to St. Louis. We flew in on Friday and saw the Friday and Saturday games. The Angels lost Friday and won Saturday. Which is what usually happens on our trips. I don't think that we've seen them ever win both the games we've gone to see.

Since we got there early on Friday we went to the Anheuser Busch Brewery tour. You can't go to St. Louis and not visit the home of the King of Beers!! We took a cab and meet a really nice cabbie from Iraq. He educated us all about how Iraqis raise pigeons and have pigeon races - don't know if I believe that or not.

Anyway, the tour was free and they gave everyone (21 or older of course) two free beers - yippee!! This place was amazing!!! The brewery sits on 100 acres. Granted we only saw a small bit of the facility. The enormity of the place was unbelievable. They took you on this tour and you were able to see how the beer is made. I thought that the neatest thing was the bottling facility. We really enjoyed this tour and did I mention we got free beer!! (I really don't like beer, but it was neat.)

This beautiful place is actually a part of the working brewery. I can't remember what part of the process happens here. That cool chandelier was purchased during the World's Fair - which also brought us the Arch.

You can't visit the brewery and not see the Bud dog!! He was wondering around the stables that housed some Clydesdales (of course). This dog was well behaved and stayed behind the ropes. Just like Yana would do!!

Just look at all those bottles of Buds!!

This is the building that housed the bottling operations. It is massive inside.

Another pic of that really pretty building that was a part of the brewing process - again, not sure what part...but it was pretty.

Just a neat sign.

Interesting fact: The first time that the Clydesdale's were hitched to a wagon was at the end of Prohibition. They told us that they delivered a beer to the White House for Roosevelt.

Interesting fact: They said that the Midwest consumes the most beer.

If you're in St. Louis, you gotta visit the brewery. It was a very well thought out tour and what can I say, Bud knows how to promote their product. Mike had a Bud Light Lime for dinner on Saturday.


Annette said...

Looks like it was great fun!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Wish I was with you.