Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shopping Nightmare

Good Lord, I do hate shopping. I went out today to Pier One to buy a small piece for the guest bathroom. So, I decided to go to a few clothing stores in Mooresville to do some clothes shopping. There is a Ross's beside Pier One so I made a last minute decision to pop in there to get started. Have you ever been there?? Man, stuff is super cheap!! I was stocked, it was a bargain bonanza. I was pulling stuff off the racks right and left. I thought this would be my new favorite store. This is where it all started to go down hill and I remembered why I hated shopping. My frustration is a result of...

1. Ladies, I know we've all tried on clothes that are an impossibility to get off by yourself. Particularly dresses or shirts that have to be pulled over your head and are fitted under the boobs. Thus making it pretty narrow to get off. I swear to God, I thought I was going to have to call for the attendant to bring me some scissors. Of course, these things never look good on me, I don't know why I bother. So, I put it on and quickly know it was a dud, then the struggle begins. First, I break a sweat trying to get an arm free. Then I try to yank it off with one arm out and one in. This doesn't seem to be effective. So, I struggle to get the other arm out and then try the classic hockey fight move, yank it off by pulling the back of the shirt. Again, no luck. Now I'm red in the face and getting pretty damn pissed!!! Is it too much to ask for clothes that don't require a second person to assist with the undressing process!! Finally, success!!

Ross...15 items to dressing room, two items purchased.

Second stop, Belk's in Mooresville. More shopping frustrations...

2. Is it too much to ask that the petite department not be for grandma's only?!?!? I think of myself as an average size woman. Why is it that every pair of none petite pants are so freaking long!! I'd be walking on my pants if I bought them. And I'm sure as hell not paying to have them altered. That's crazy. So, it's off to the petite department I go. And it is filled with pants with elastic waistbands. Good Lord. I recently bought two pairs of Levi's jeans, petite size, because...see above about pants length. Well, I don't know what's worse, too long or too short. These stupid pants are so short I'll be well prepared for any floods!! I look like a total dork.

3. I think it should be the law of the land that all sizes are the same no matter what brand. Why is it that I'm a size 2 in one brand (yeah right, that's accurate) and a size 4 or 6 in others. It makes it a guessing game to pick out clothes. I don't need the maker to make the sizes bigger to make me feel better about myself. I need them to all be the same to make my shopping experience quicker.

4. All clothes should be pre-matched (with shoes) for your shopping convenience. I have no fashion sense, so this would really be helpful and would alleviate all stress associated with finding a skirt I like but no shirt to match. Then the internal debate begins, to buy or not to buy. Will I be able to find a suitable top to go with the skirt??

5. Have you seen these sweater things, I don't know what they are called, cardigans, I guess. They have one button at the top and a three quarters or short length sleeve, see example below.

This complaint could really be a continuation of number 4. These things were everywhere and it was the most frustrating piece of clothing I've ever come across. Like I said, they were everywhere, but with no matching shirt, or example, of what should be worn underneath. My gosh, you'd think that would be a no brainer. I mean, something MUST be worn underneath it, so why not put it on the same rack. I looked and struggled forever for something to buy to wear underneath one of these things. I finally found something...don't think it was really meant to be worn in this manner, but whatever.

I could go on...

My shopping spree took 3 hours. I went to Ross's, Belk's, Kohl's, and back to Belk's. I think I finally came out with some decent clothes. But I think I shed a year off of my life as a result of stress. I of course had to console myself with my favorite shopping treat...Cheerwine Float from Cookout!! Awe, that made it all better!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Sweetie...

got me flowers for Valentine's Day!!! Wow, I was so surprised. They were delivered to me at work. He got me a bouquet of orchids!! They are beautiful and it really made my day. It's always nice to get a reminder that someone thinks you're special. I love my sweetie!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aunt Alma and Jennie Maude

Mike and I went to visit his great aunts at the assisted living center they just moved to. They were living together in Taylorsville and it was becoming more and more common for one of them to fall and get hurt. I think that Alma is 91 and Jennie Maude is 89...not really sure. But either way, they really do still get along well. Alma is just as sweet as pie. She probably doesn't weigh over 100 lbs but she can really give you a bear hug. Jennie Maude is a bit more of a spit fire.

They moved to the home about two weeks ago. They're able to room together. It is a pretty nice facility and I think it's best for them to be there. It is surely a relief for Mike's sister Sharon. She really devoted a lot of time to taking care of those two. These two ladies don't have any kids but they are blessed with a loving extended family. Mike, myself, and his cousin Dale were there to visit on Sunday. I do believe they have had a steady stream of visitors. They are living in Statesville now, so Mike and I will be able to go visit them more often.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visit with Sam

Mike and I finally made it down to Rock Hill to see my sister Susan's new house. We also wanted to visit with our niece Samantha. I hadn't seen Samantha since she was born almost a month ago. I was really impressed with their house. I really liked the design and the openness of the house.

Samantha slept most of the time. While she slept we had dinner and then played cards. Sam did eventually let Susan know that she was hungrey. After Sam had her dinner, Mike and I got to hold her for awhile. She tried to bless me with some spit up, but I was prepared (thanks to Susan's warning). She's a cutie!! It's going to be fun to watch both her and Virginia grow up.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Big Read

The Iredell County and Mecklenburg County Libraries are sponsoring the Big Read for 2009. This year's book is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. All of the libraries are offering free copies of the book. They are also having community meetings to discuss the book, the history of that era, or to cook the food that is a primary part of the book.

I got my copy today and I am really excited to start reading it. I have to finish the book I'm currently reading (Six Seconds), but I should be done in a few days. I read To Kill a Mockingbird in school, as I'm sure most people did, but I know that I didn't appreciate it like I should. I know that it will mean more to me now and I won't just be reading it because I have to, but because I want to. I encourage everyone to go to your local library, see if they too are sponsoring The Big Read. Get the book and share your thoughts...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dinner Party

Mike and I had our first non-family members over for dinner to the new house on Saturday. The above is the only proof of the event. I didn't subject our guests to a blog picture taking session. I felt that I didn't know them that well yet. But next time they're's fair game.

Mike invited Adam and Kara Steele over. Adam used to work with us in the Charlotte office of Dixon Hughes before he transferred to the Winston office. His wife also works at Dixon Hughes. Adam is good to keep in touch with people and he called Mike one day and thus Mike invited them over. They are expecting their first baby in June. They are both really nice people and we had a really good time just talking and telling old Dixon Hughes stories. I did have a back up plan in case the conversation got stall. I bought a set of Skip-Bo cards. Mike and I played with his parents a while ago and it was fun. We didn't have to play cards, but I wouldn't have minded. I may have them back over and maybe Rob and Carla for a night of card playing.

I was a bit stressed about preparing the food. I just knew there was going to be a food related disaster. However, much to my surprise, it went off perfectly. I made broccoli casserole. I was afraid it would be runny. But it turned out great, maybe a little too much cheese, but can you really have too much cheese I ask you?? Next there was ranch potatoes...also, flawless. For the bread, I made monkey bread. I'd never made it before but the recipe seemed really simple. That too was perfect. Mike said that's the best thing I'd ever made (that's not saying much!!!). Finally, dessert was fantastic!! I was very pleased with myself. So, if you're reading this and you're invited over for dinner, the above will be the dinner menu. Stick with what you know is what I say! Mike, however, got the steaks a little crispy, but they were still good.

We didn't entertain much at the old house, but I really enjoyed their company. It wasn't stressful and I hope that we continue to have our friends over more, even though we do live farther away now.