Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aunt Alma and Jennie Maude

Mike and I went to visit his great aunts at the assisted living center they just moved to. They were living together in Taylorsville and it was becoming more and more common for one of them to fall and get hurt. I think that Alma is 91 and Jennie Maude is 89...not really sure. But either way, they really do still get along well. Alma is just as sweet as pie. She probably doesn't weigh over 100 lbs but she can really give you a bear hug. Jennie Maude is a bit more of a spit fire.

They moved to the home about two weeks ago. They're able to room together. It is a pretty nice facility and I think it's best for them to be there. It is surely a relief for Mike's sister Sharon. She really devoted a lot of time to taking care of those two. These two ladies don't have any kids but they are blessed with a loving extended family. Mike, myself, and his cousin Dale were there to visit on Sunday. I do believe they have had a steady stream of visitors. They are living in Statesville now, so Mike and I will be able to go visit them more often.


Susan said...

That's great that y'all went to visit. You should definitely make an effort to continue to visit. That's one thing I've learned from being a part of Joe's family is that having family around to help take care of you when you can't do it yourself is truly a blessing...we'll all be hoping for the same one day!!

Mom said...

Wow!! Was that my Susan who shared those words of wisdom? You are so right! Nobody cares for you or loves you like family. And I am sure proud of mine.