Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dinner Party

Mike and I had our first non-family members over for dinner to the new house on Saturday. The above is the only proof of the event. I didn't subject our guests to a blog picture taking session. I felt that I didn't know them that well yet. But next time they're's fair game.

Mike invited Adam and Kara Steele over. Adam used to work with us in the Charlotte office of Dixon Hughes before he transferred to the Winston office. His wife also works at Dixon Hughes. Adam is good to keep in touch with people and he called Mike one day and thus Mike invited them over. They are expecting their first baby in June. They are both really nice people and we had a really good time just talking and telling old Dixon Hughes stories. I did have a back up plan in case the conversation got stall. I bought a set of Skip-Bo cards. Mike and I played with his parents a while ago and it was fun. We didn't have to play cards, but I wouldn't have minded. I may have them back over and maybe Rob and Carla for a night of card playing.

I was a bit stressed about preparing the food. I just knew there was going to be a food related disaster. However, much to my surprise, it went off perfectly. I made broccoli casserole. I was afraid it would be runny. But it turned out great, maybe a little too much cheese, but can you really have too much cheese I ask you?? Next there was ranch potatoes...also, flawless. For the bread, I made monkey bread. I'd never made it before but the recipe seemed really simple. That too was perfect. Mike said that's the best thing I'd ever made (that's not saying much!!!). Finally, dessert was fantastic!! I was very pleased with myself. So, if you're reading this and you're invited over for dinner, the above will be the dinner menu. Stick with what you know is what I say! Mike, however, got the steaks a little crispy, but they were still good.

We didn't entertain much at the old house, but I really enjoyed their company. It wasn't stressful and I hope that we continue to have our friends over more, even though we do live farther away now.

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Sue said...

Melissa, looks like you are a perfect hostess. I am sure that your guests were impressed. Invite me and Brian and we won't be nearly as hard to entertain :)
Miss you!