Sunday, February 8, 2009

Visit with Sam

Mike and I finally made it down to Rock Hill to see my sister Susan's new house. We also wanted to visit with our niece Samantha. I hadn't seen Samantha since she was born almost a month ago. I was really impressed with their house. I really liked the design and the openness of the house.

Samantha slept most of the time. While she slept we had dinner and then played cards. Sam did eventually let Susan know that she was hungrey. After Sam had her dinner, Mike and I got to hold her for awhile. She tried to bless me with some spit up, but I was prepared (thanks to Susan's warning). She's a cutie!! It's going to be fun to watch both her and Virginia grow up.


Absolutely Kathy said...

Oh Sam looks like she has gotten bigger! Mike looks to cute holding Sam also. Your right Lisa it is going to be a blast watching Sam and Virginia grow up.

Susan said...

Dang...that's a good lookin' baby!!!