Sunday, June 26, 2011

Go Karts and Keith

Friday was a busy day. First Mike's firm had an outing to The Pit in Mooresville. This is a place that has indoor carting, among other things. There were 10 of us and we did two 8 lap qualifiers (one going the 'wrong way' on the track). This determined our starting order for our two 12 lap races. I started 9th in both races...not too impressive. This was quite a disadvantage as I was an entire straightaway behind to start. Turned out that was actually a good thing during the first race as there was a massive pile up in turn one and I just zipped right by and finished 5th. Second race, I was bumped from behind, on a straightaway mind you, from a no account coward. This spun me and I thus spent a good part of the race behind a much slower rider (I need to improve my passing skills). Finally got around him but didn't have enough laps to catch up to the punk than punted me so we could 'discuss' the earlier incident. It was loads of fun but I did end up with some pretty bad bruises on my back. I think it was just from how the seat hit me and then perhaps from a few on track incidents.

Next it was off to the Keith Urban concert. We had GREAT seats. I read a review in the paper that said that his show doesn't change much from year to year. I'd seen him about 5 years ago and yes, the show was very similar. That being said, I'd pay again to go see the same thing for a third time. He is just so damn talented. I'd go just to see him play the guitar. The man is crazy good on the guitar. So, fun times this weekend.

This is Yana in the back of the Jeep. I had the back rolled up and she could care less.

Jake Owen. He was very good too.

Susan and Lezlie, my concert buddies.

Keith out on a small platform in the middle of the floor. This was pretty much right in front of us. He did this at the last show I saw and I know that two of the three songs he sang while out there were the same at both shows.

A super sized screen...better to see that ever so handsome face with.

This was my second show of the summer and it was head and shoulders above the so called perineal Entertainer of the Year winner, Kenny Chesney.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Congrats Brandon & Joni

This weekend our nephew got married to his high school sweetheart. Joni has really been a part of the family for many years now.

We went to the rehearsal dinner Friday. It was outside and the weather was actually pleasant.

The yard was decorated very nice and had a vintage country theme going. Mike's mom and sister made most of the food and it was great as always! The kids put out the always fun corn hole game. Mike and I had a pretty good winning streak going until we came up against Mike's parents. They mounted a crazy comeback!!

Saturday was the wedding. Joni looked beautiful and the wedding went off without a hitch. The ceremony was not the traditional wedding ceremony in some respects but was very nice because it was unique to Joni and Brandon.

Mike was super excited to throw the lavender on the newly married. He had combined three bags into one and went for the upward toss in hopes of an up the nose shot! Don't know if he was successful or not.

Mike's parents with their grandson, Brandon.

The reception was at the Doc & Merle Watson theater at Wilkes Community College. This is where the Merlefest is held annually. I had never been there and it was such a cool place. It stuck to the country theme of the wedding. They had old black and white picture of the family on display and that was very neat. I love that kind of stuff.

And here is the happy couple.

The food was great, the place was great and I have to say this was a great wedding. We wish them many years of happiness!!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Bike Ride

We took the bikes out on Saturday. It was to be my introduction to riding on dirt roads. It was also my reminder that I suck on the tight twisty roads. My performance was less than impressive. I was a bit disappointed but I just need more experience. I can do the nice, fast sweeping curves, but who can't. Anyway.....

We hit the dirt roads and at first I was not feeling the excitement. Then Mike told me to stand on the pegs and it was much better. He was right, that made it much more enjoyable. I could go faster and I felt much more comfortable on the bike. As the day went on I also got a bit better at the turns. It was a lot of fun, but it was also hard work.

10 minutes after this was taken, my bike was on the ground. Yeah, I was worried about this one spot and it got me. We had taken a sharp left hand turn down hill to go down to this spot. So that meant there would be a sharp, uphill right hand turn back out. Well, hills and turns at the same time are not my strong suit, much less on dirt and gravel. Not to panic, just go left a bit and turn in a circle to get going in the right direction. The plan was working well, I just didn't have enough speed and had the bike turned pretty sharply. Well, it started to go and there was no stopping it. It fell right over. It was a no speed drop, didn't really qualify as a crash. I have crash bars so the bike was not scratched one bit. On these roads we'd seen maybe three cars all day. As soon as my bike hits the ground, here comes a truck around the bend. Of course!! Sucky girl rider had to get help from a stranger to get her bike up. Mike was walking back to help too. No big deal, we carried on.

It rained a bit and needless to say I took it slow. We were back on pavement then. It didn't rain too much and it was hot as heck on the ride back. We did see these cool Jeeps at a dealership in Asheville.

I think I need one!!!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

First a Concert Then a Rally

Thursday Susan and I went to the Kenny Chesney concert. I really wanted to go to see Billy Currington. We was to start playing at 7:45. Due to traffic, Susan got there at 7:42. Just on time. Since I didn't have the tickets, I must say that I really enjoyed standing by myself at the gate looking like a lonely loser. The loser appearance was made even worse because of my sad outfit, which I will not get into during this post.

I took my smaller camera to the concert so you'll have to trust me when I tell you that the guy in the middle of the stage is Billy Currington. I was there and if I had not seen him onTV I could not pick him out of a lineup. Needless to say we were not on the front row and the screens were no help because of the glare from the sun.

After three failed attempts to do a self portrait some chick took pity on us and offered to take our picture. I have this annoying habit of tilting my head up when my picture is taken. God I hate having my picture made.

Even though we couldn't get a good look at Billy, he was none the less entertaining. I would still like to see him at a smaller venue.

So then it was on to Kenny. I've never bought one of him CDs so I wouldn't say I'm his #1 fan but I was curious as to what all the fuss is about.

From what I could gather after the first song, all the fuss is about a short, balding, cocky little dude who thinks he's a rapper not a country singer. He had some really annoying habits. First, while holding the mike with one hand, he would do this rap thing with the other. Next time you see me ask me to demonstrate. Next, he thought it was cool to constantly flick the brim of his cowboy hat. Finally, he must have gotten this move from the hair bands of his youth, he would sing a few words and then stab the mike stand forward as he'd lean back. Again, I'll be glad to demonstrate. Every thing was just so contrived and not at all genuine. Don't get me wrong, he has good songs but the show and his 'moves' reminded me of what a little kid would do in front of the mirror and think he was 'the bomb'. But what do I know, people continue to flock to see him year after year.

Friday night I went to our SOS (Save Our Schools) Rally. It was sponsored by some parent organizations in an effort to rally support for education funding. I was a volunteer. My duty ended up being giving out door prize tickets to people as they entered. Most people took one after you explained to them that it was free. I did this for like an hour and a half and I was beat. I am really getting old.

This is my co-worker (and sweetest lady I know) Theresa. She worked the entrance with me. As you can see there were lots of things for the kiddos to do. We actually had a pretty good turn out.

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