Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Bike Ride

We took the bikes out on Saturday. It was to be my introduction to riding on dirt roads. It was also my reminder that I suck on the tight twisty roads. My performance was less than impressive. I was a bit disappointed but I just need more experience. I can do the nice, fast sweeping curves, but who can't. Anyway.....

We hit the dirt roads and at first I was not feeling the excitement. Then Mike told me to stand on the pegs and it was much better. He was right, that made it much more enjoyable. I could go faster and I felt much more comfortable on the bike. As the day went on I also got a bit better at the turns. It was a lot of fun, but it was also hard work.

10 minutes after this was taken, my bike was on the ground. Yeah, I was worried about this one spot and it got me. We had taken a sharp left hand turn down hill to go down to this spot. So that meant there would be a sharp, uphill right hand turn back out. Well, hills and turns at the same time are not my strong suit, much less on dirt and gravel. Not to panic, just go left a bit and turn in a circle to get going in the right direction. The plan was working well, I just didn't have enough speed and had the bike turned pretty sharply. Well, it started to go and there was no stopping it. It fell right over. It was a no speed drop, didn't really qualify as a crash. I have crash bars so the bike was not scratched one bit. On these roads we'd seen maybe three cars all day. As soon as my bike hits the ground, here comes a truck around the bend. Of course!! Sucky girl rider had to get help from a stranger to get her bike up. Mike was walking back to help too. No big deal, we carried on.

It rained a bit and needless to say I took it slow. We were back on pavement then. It didn't rain too much and it was hot as heck on the ride back. We did see these cool Jeeps at a dealership in Asheville.

I think I need one!!!

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