Sunday, January 25, 2009

House - Update

Well, it's been a pretty uneventful week. So, the only thing I could think of to blog about was what's been going on at the house. We had 3 trees planted in the front yard. We tore so many down during construction that we wanted to replant some. Then, we finally got our chimney fixed. A chimney sweep installed a metal cylinder down the entire chimney. He then filled in with concrete. It appeared that the chimney was leaking creosote because the mason didn't put any mortar between the thimbles that make up the flue liner. I'm really glad to have the wood burning stove back in action. It really makes the basement warmer and it makes the floors warmer on the main level as well. So, here are a few pictures...maybe this week will be more eventful!


Susan said...

Nice trees...glad y'all replaced a few :)

Sue said...

Melissa, your home is just beautiful!! Yeah, I am jealous :)

Annette said...

Looking good!