Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Walk in the Park

We had a very busy weekend. Mike did buy a bike this weekend. He wised up and did not purchase a full-faced helmet. Sorry to disappoint you Susan, but no picture will be forth coming. Actually, Mike said he does not want a picture of him on his bike posted on my blog. He rode 4 miles on Saturday and 6 miles on Sunday. I was impressed.

On Sunday he rode to the Lake Norman State Park and I went with the dogs and picked him up. We took the dogs for a walk while we were there. Foggy and Yana love going to the park. Foggy runs around with endless energy. Yana...well, she tries her best to keep up. Today was a perfect day for her weather wise. It was overcast and about 50 degrees...perfect Yana weather. She did have one stumbling block though..

"Hmmm, this could be trouble."

"How the heck did Foggy do this?"

"Maybe I should just take a breather"

"Lady, are you just gonna take pictures all day or are you gonna give me a hand?"

I did eventually have to pick her up and carry her over the logs. She has low ground clearance.

Here's Foggy taking a short water break.


Annette said...

Yana should go into comedy.

Susan said...

Funny, funny! It sounds like y'all had a good weekend. Mine was a lot less eventful. I put off labor so I could watch the Panthers on Saturday and the Tarheels on Sunday an well...they both lost. I was not pleased. Anyway, hopefully I'll be calling you sometime this week with some good news. Keep your fingers crossed. OH yeah, I am really bummed about no Mike on a bike pictures :(