Thursday, January 15, 2009

Samantha Elizabeth Miller

My sister Susan gave birth to Samantha Elizabeth on Wednesday, January 14. She weighted in at 8 lbs even. Both mother and baby are doing well. Susan looked great when we saw her Wednesday night. Samantha slept through the whole visit. She looks just like her mom. She has Susan's nose and chin. Samantha is beautiful and we are so excited to welcome our 2nd baby to the family in just 4 month's time.

All the Ford ladies (except for Virginia, she was with Grandma).

The proud parents, Susan and Joe...what a good looking family!!

It is hard to believe that both my little sisters have babies!!! We've come a long way!!!


Absolutely Kathy said...

Sam is just to cute. It is hard to believe Susan and I both have kids now. We all have come a long way. Can't wait to be the cool Aunt for Sam hehe.

Annette said...

Everyone looks absolutely radiant! Pink is your color, Susan. Are you sure you gave birth that morning? I think Sam looks like Joe.

Susan said...

I love that first picture of Samantha. She is cute if I do say so myself!

Sue said...

The baby is just are all you girls. Speaking of babies...ummm, the pic I would like to see on the blog is you with a baby. (not someone else's!!)
How about it??