Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

I must apologize right off, I have absolutely no pictures of any mothers to post!! I know, I suck. We were pretty busy this weekend. First we went to Taylorsville to have a cookout to celebrate our nephew's fiance's college graduation. Joni has worked really hard and we are very proud of her. Now, let's keep our fingers crossed that she can find a teaching job.

The boys played horseshoes. Mike wasn't half bad but his dad was the real pro!!! I was fortunate enough to be on his team. We smoked Keith (my brother-in-law) and Mike. It was embarrassing.

An action shot!!!

Sunday we went to Gastonia to visit Mom for Mother's Day. We went to their favorite local place for lunch...Milanos. It was busy, of course, but we didn't have to wait too long. Lunch was good. Susan, Joe, and Samantha came by at about 2pm. Samantha was a hoot as always. Check out the cute pics.

The next biker in the family!

She was funny playing with this toy. She would really slam the balls back in the hole. Pretty funny!!

Doesn't she look innocent!!!

It was good to see the family this weekend. We enjoyed our time with both families. I hope all the mother's had a great weekend!! We love you all!

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Anonymous said...

It was sooooo good to see you and Mike! Thanks for the gift cards. I think I may not cook again today.