Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old As Dirt!!

Yup, Susan is old as dirt!!! Ok, not quite, but close. Saturday was her 30th B-day. As a gift, I got her some essential items for those in their 30s - Depends, Hemorrhoid Cream, and a nice housecoat. She was appreciative. I think Sam liked the box they came in more than Susan liked the items in the box.

Susan and Joe invited the crazy Fords to their house for dinner on Saturday. Sad huh...Susan had to throw a party for herself! We're slackers, what can I say. Unfortunately, we were a few short. Kathy and Virginia couldn't come because Virginia has RSV and is contagious. Mike decided to stay home because he had a stomach ache. So it was just me and Mom and Dad. Joe and I spent some time railing against stupid people and some against educators (sorry Mom). After my angry venting session, I was ready for dinner. And boy was it good!!! Joe is a dang good cook. We had yummy Chicken Enchiladas. As Joe said "They stick to your ribs!".

After dinner we had a Wii bowling tourney. I tried to teach Sam to do the international Loser Sign to Dad. I beat him down in bowling!!! Then I made Joe drag out the Wii Fit board because I'd never seen one. That was some funny, funny stuff. What can be funnier than cheering for your Dad's Wii character to get whacked upside the head by a virtual soccer cleat?? Not to be outdone, the Wii Hula Hooping game was a knee slapper. Mom said she needed the Depends because she was gonna wet her pants laughing at Dad. Susan was just down right sad at that game. It was disgraceful.

It was fun times!! Happy Birthday Sis!! You're still young at heart and that's all that matters!!


Susan said...

Fun times! Even if I did have to throw it myself!

Absolutely Kathy said...

someone should have taken a video of dad on the wii fit. Hopefully by Easter we will all feel better. I hate I had to miss the party sounds like it was a blast.