Monday, March 29, 2010

Well, that sucked!!

Well, Sunday was a wash out. After many years, we were headed back to Martinsville for a race. I was looking forward to it. Martinsville never disappoints. Well, up until now. I knew it wasn't a good sign when we checked on the drive up and there was a Flood Warning issued for Martinsville. Needless to say, it was rained out.

I even bought a JPM hat and was excited to embarrass Dave (our friend that went) by wearing it. We put on all our rain gear and walked to the track, in the rain. We set in our seats, in the rain, and watched them dry the track. It actually stopped raining and the track was getting dry. I did have a bit of hope...until it started to rain again. We gave up hope and hoofed it back to the car. At least I got home in time to watch The Amazing Race. Oh wait, I couldn't watch The Amazing Race because crazy Eric Thomas had to keep breaking in to give us an 'update' on the weather. Thanks Eric, but I think I can remember what to do in case of a tornado. I don't need to be reminded every five minutes. I can even remember it today...1. get out of a mobile home. But don't do it in a car because #2 is don't be in a car!!!

I took a few pictures at the track but just didn't feel like uploading them. I'm pretty sure they sucked anyway. I could have gone back today but just didn't feel like trekking back up there and parking in all that sloppy mess. It's just as well, I would have been disappointed at the outcome.

Totally off the subject, but I heard the most disturbing song on the radio Saturday morning. It was a duet with Brett Michaels and....Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, gross me out!!! It was creepy!!! Brett, that was not a good career move. It just screams desperation. It was just wrong on so many levels. I still get the 'gross me out' chills just thinking about it.

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Absolutely Kathy said...

Sorry the rain ruined everything. I was mad too Sunday with the weather men interrupting Amazing Race. I mean I can understand one or two times, but every five minutes was getting on my nerves. Also it was in the best times of the show too. I may have to go to hulu and watch it again. Talking about the Amazing Race I am so ready for the Mean Lesbians to be kicked off. Who is your favorite?