Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Couldn't Figure It Out Myself

I started the 'Dead Ant' song myself and I couldn't figure out what it was (even though I thought I did).

It all started when Mike said "Come see this dead ant!" I was of course tripping all over myself with excitement to go see this dead ant. For some reason, I just started singing:

Dead ant

Dead ant...you get the picture!!

You know when you do something or say something and it's just hilarious to, well, only to you. That's how the Dead Ant song was. I just was tickled with myself for being so witty so quick. I had a good laugh at my own funny self. Mike, however, didn't find it too funny. I told him it was the theme song from Jaws, duh. I proceeded to sing it all day. Then, I had an epiphany, and realized it was not the theme song to Jaws, it was the theme song to The Adams Family, duh. I told Mike it was actually the Adams Family song and he didn't argue.

Then, I posted the Dead Ant song on the blog and come to find out, it's actually the theme song to the Pink Panther. Somehow, that made it even funnier!!! I crack me up!!! Mike said he knew all along it was really the Pink Panther song (err, the muscial score) but didn't tell me since I was so dumb to not know the song - twice!! Again, I just giggled at my dumb ass self!! It's still funny actually!! I've now started to sing the Dead Ant song every time I do something stupid, which seems to happen pretty dang often.


Susan said...

Wow...that's all I've got.

Annette said...

I know the really important stuff.