Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home with the Hopkins

Saturday night we had the Hopkins over for dinner. Mike and I used to work with Olivia. We got to know her oldest kid, Sam, through the years of working together. Mike used to call Sam by the name of Fred. Sam didn't like that at all!! Sam is now 13, wow, time flies! Her other kid is an adorable 7 year old named Meg. Both kids are very well behaved and are great fun.

Meg loves to play UNO. I think that we played the longest game of UNO on record last night. Meg kept saying the funniest things. I think the funniest thing she said was "That's how Meg rolls!" I almost lost it when she said that!! Too cute!

The Hopkins brought their Wii and that was a big hit. The boys, Sam, Mike and Hampton, played the Wii while the girls finished their marathon UNO game. Mike took great pleasure in beating Sam at baseball. The funniest was when Meg whooped the boys in boxing. The girl has boundless energy!

It was great fun and we really enjoyed playing with the kids. Can't wait to have them over again!

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Sue said...

Enjoying children...oh my stars...what next a family of your own ...maybe??? LOL!!