Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun Day

I know everyone is really, really tired of my vacation posts. But I took all these dang pictures and I'm going to post them (dang it)!!

This was a rest day and there were some fun activities scheduled. First we rode about in hour to take a camel ride into the desert. This was another of the things I was looking forward to doing before we went on the trip. Here are some pictures along the way:

The camel ride was very fun. It was a bit scary at first. The camels are laying down when you get on them. They then raise up on their back legs and so you are leaning way forward until they raise their front legs. They were a bit taller than I expected. I got the giggles at the first part of the ride. It was really fun. We went out for a while into the dessert. Then we 'parked' the camels and walked around a bit on the sand dunes. Then, of course, our guides wiped out some souvenirs from nowhere. Thanks goodness someone bought something so they'd take us back!

Mike's poor camel was puny and not very excited about riding some tourist into the desert!

"And that was the last they saw of the seven tourists...."

Ok, that is the last picture for this post. After lunch we met back at our hotel for our next adventure. We rode four wheelers on sand dunes behind the hotel. Mike and Christian (tour guide) actually rode dirt bikes. This was so so fun. We had a guide that we followed around. It was a bit of a slow start. Many of us got stuck and the poor guide had to help them out. I'm very proud to say that I was the only one that did not get stuck!! All those big tough motorcycle riders couldn't hang with me. It was fantastic fun riding the ATVs on the sand. You'd just whip them around the the back end would break loose. I could have done that all day. I had to tell Jens (tour guide) that I was behind him and he was holding me up. I was hell on four wheels!! Very fun day!!


Susan said...

"hell on four wheels"...I love it! Sounds like the best day so far!

Annette said...

Thanks for sharing the fantastic photos and wonderful commentary! I feel like I have been to Morocco. Seems like an interesting place, although I could do without the toilets. National Geographic should know about you!

Absolutely Kathy said...

lol Hell on four wheels! I have enjoyed all the photos. Keep them coming!

Sue said...

Ha, are so BADASS, being the only one not egetting stuck..LOL!! I am glad that you post the pics. I love them. Mike sure has white legs in that pic of him on the camel!! I would love to ride a you go girl!