Sunday, September 5, 2010

South Hazelton to McBride

This will be a quick post. Today was a day of nothing. We needed to get a new rear tire. Mike made arrangements to get our tire changed in Prince George. The catch was we had to buy the tire from one store and take it to another store to get it mounted. So, I had the honor of holding a tire on the back of the bike. Luckily it was a very short ride.

While coming through town I noticed an indoor Curling Rink. I was super excited. We were mesmerized by the curling at the Olympics. I mean we would tape matches!!! So, I was determined to do some curling of our very own. We found the number and I called to see if they were open to the public. Well, long story short, the girl I talked to thought I was a dumb tourist. Duh, curling is a winter sport!!! Well of course I know that but the rink was indoors for goodness sake. I think they could have ice during the summer since they're indoors. My curling dreams were crushed.

While waiting for the tire I spotted this sign across the street. It was the most interesting thing I'd seen all day so a picture had to be taken.

So, we're off with a fresh tire. It was still pretty uneventful.

This is Mike trying to fish a dead bird out of the bike. I can't remember when the bird got lodged in the bike. While we were at the dealership Mike proceeds to tug on the bird and just ended up ripping it's tail feathers off. We had no luck with the bird and best I can guess, the bird is still lodged in the bike. We didn't disclose this fact upon selling the bike to some unsuspecting fella. I bet he's wondering what that smell is???

We stopped in McBride. They had some pretty flowers at the hotel. We ate at the restaurant the hotel had. It took for freaking ever to get our food. But luckily once it arrived it was pretty good.

Not much to see today.


Annette said...

Maybe Assman's could have helped with your deceased feathered friend.

Sue said...

You sold your bike with a dead bird in it....EWWWW!! just kidding. Love the funeral funny. I'll bet you have seen lots of crazy names and signs in your travels. Love the photos, girl! Miss you