Monday, November 15, 2010

This Is How I Roll

Pay back's a ....well, you get the point. It was time for some revenge on my co-worker, Ron. I don't know if you remember, but last Christmas we pulled a prank on Ron. We had all decorated our door for Christmas. We took his door off of the hinges and hid it. It was classic!!!

Well, Ron isn't one to roll over and just take it. In April, Ron (well, I believe he made his co-workers do it) filled my entire office with PE balls. There were exercise balls, soccer balls, footballs, beach balls, etc. I couldn't get the door to my office open. I have to admit, it was a good one.

I just waited until it was time. I had to get Ron back when his guard was down. Also, Christmas is just around the corner so I needed to remind him that you don't mess with Finance!! John (my co-worker) and I tried to stay late one night. We went to dinner and got back at about 6:15 and Ron was still at work. We had to abort the mission. Then, a few weeks later, I stayed until about 5:30 and we was still there again. Does the man never go home??? So, that was it. I decided to just come in one weekend and make it happen.

This is what Ron found on the outside of his door last Monday morning:

This is what he found once he opened the door to his office:

Pretty impressive huh?? I'll tell you, a 200 yard roll of plastic wrap will go a long way. Just to top it off, there was final piece to the prank. We have a meeting every Monday morning. Everyone sits in the same chair. So, I plastic wrapped that chair too. I left him a pair of scissors sitting on the table in front of his chair. It was great. Everyone, including Ron, was impressed.

Now, I know that my time will be coming. I just don't know when or where. I do know that it will be an all out war during this year's Christmas door decorating contest. I'll be accepting suggestions for my next prank because I need all the help I can get.


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Absolutely Kathy said...

That is awesome Lisa! Oh and can't wait to see what he does to you. He doesn't realize he is messing with a Ford. We don't break down and we don't take to losing. I will have to brain storm and think of a good idea for you. Who would have thought working in Fiances could be so much fun.

Absolutely Kathy said...

Oh and it looks like you got a spam comment up there from Earn 200.

Susan said...

You have officially become my hero!!!

Tice said...

That made me laugh HARD! haha, hilarious. Kudos