Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Samantha!!

Sunday we celebrated Samantha's 2nd birthday at her Grandma Judy's house. It was lots of fun. Samantha seemed to know that it was a special day that was all for her. She was sillier than usual.

Here she is opening one of her presents. She was cute because before she'd even see what it was she would get so excited about her present. She was pretty good at getting the gifts unwrapped. Her cousin Virginia stood right beside Samantha while she opened her presents. Virginia was so well behaved. She didn't try to help or take the presents. You could kind of see on Virginia's face that she wanted to jump in there but she didn't. It was very sweet!!

When they're together, they seem to be pretty good friends. Samantha likes to give Virginia hugs and kisses.

Mom and Dad got Samantha a tricycle. Virginia was the first on the bike and Samantha rode on the back. After some practice, I'm sure Samantha will get the hang of it.

Little Virginia is so cute. She loves balloons. She entertained herself by throwing the balloon up in the air. I have the cutest picture of Virginia from Samantha's 1st B-day party. Virginia's sitting in her car seat, sound asleep, with a balloon tied to her wrist. So, two parties for Samantha and two balloons for Virginia.

I just had to throw this one in there because this picture is a perfect example of Samantha's personality. Doesn't she just look so full of herself!! The kid is hilarious. Her mother is partly to blame. She's taught Samantha to say "See ya" instead of goodbye. It cracks me up.
It's been fun watching Samantha and Virginia both grow up over the last 2+ years. It's amazing the difference in their personalities. I predict that Samantha will be more of a handful than Virginia. Hmmm, just like their mothers!!!

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Absolutely Kathy said...

It was a great party. It was great getting to see you too Lisa. I do hope Virginia and Samantha will stay friends. Also I hope your right that Virginia will be easy going for the rest of her life. I do believe Susan will have her hands full. Samantha is going to be a ball of energy just like Susan growing up.