Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

My adorable Grandpa Brown turned 80 on Sunday. My aunt Annette had the great idea to have a birthday party for him. Mom hosted at her house. Grandpa loved the party!! He deserved all the attention he got. He has always served as a role model for me. Growing up he was always fun to be around and was quick to pick on all us 'boys'. I'm very grateful that my nieces, his great grand daughters, are able to get to know him as well.

The yummy birthday cake!! Not only does it look awesome but it tasted awesome too!

The birthday boy looking festive in his birthday hat. Do you notice the party pooper in the picture?? He thinks he's surrounded by idiots!!

Everyone's in the birthday spirit.

Mike and I loved getting to spend some time with Samantha and Virginia while at the party. Those two are at a fun age. Mike and Virginia really bonded!! They were funny as heck playing together.

I think we've got a little softball player on our hands...carrying on the Ford tradition.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!! We love you!!!!

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Lisa said...

Ooohh.. love this post! Happy Birthday to your grandpa!

I'm sure that picture of Virginia makes Kathy a proud mama!

Annette said...

Great pics! It was a fun time!

Susan said...

Yes happy birthday Grandpa! He's so awesome. BTW, Virginia's form is much better than Samantha! What's up with that?!?