Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today, we left Fez and were headed back to Chefchaouen, where it all began. This was pretty much our last riding day.

The highlight of day's ride was Volubilis. This was a Roman settlement, who knew?!?! Volubilis is the largest Roman excavation in Morocco. The city was inhabited by approx. 10,000 people. It was founded in the year 25 A.D. and was most prosperous during the government of the emperor Septimus Serverus (193-11).

Christan was our tour guide on the bike for the day. He was a mad man on the bike, especially on that day. He used to be a professional racer. He'd even raced at the Isle of Mann (to motorcycle people, that's pretty impressive). We could not keep up with him today. He was flying!! He was passing people while doing wheelies. It was pretty impressive.

Here are some more sites from the day's ride...


Susan said...

Were you taking notes along the way? How did you remember the details about all the different places???

Melissa, A.K.A. Lisa said...

you'll never know...I used the guidebook that they gave us during the trip!!