Sunday, February 7, 2010


After many attempts (we all remember the peanut butter nailed to a tree), we've finally gotten a glimpse of some deer in the yard. We've been putting cracked corn out and they've been eating it. Susan also got us some Deer Feed for Christmas and they really seem to like it.

Well, they actually came out during the day. Mike was home and had the dogs in the basement. The dogs had been in the basement most of the week because of the snow. So, the deer were probably feeling safe coming up to the fence during the day. I was not home to witness the visit but Mike was able to get some good pictures for me. There were three here at one time. He wasn't able to get all three in one picture though.

But first...a picture of a blue jay (I think) munching on some corn this morning.

OK, trust me, there are two deer in this picture.

I know you can see the deer in this picture.

Aren't they just adorable!!!


Susan said...

It was TOTALLY the deer feed!

Absolutely Kathy said...

It is like where's Waldo, but with deer! Good pictures and glad you finally have deer.

Annette said...

What photogenic deer! I hope the corn does not attract less photgenic crows.