Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010

Well, we got a nice weekend treat. The forecasters were actually right and we got snow!!! It started Friday afternoon, at about 5pm. I braved Wal-Mart after work (it's my usual grocery day and I just can't break my normal routine). Wal-Mart was slammed!! But I had mentally prepared myself and managed to stay calm and not lose my mind. On the way home, the roads were already getting snow covered. That's the fasted I can remember snow laying on the road. I almost put the Tahoe in a ditch twice, but I managed to make it home with our bread, milk, and eggs.

After watching it snow all night long, Mike and I were anxious to get up Saturday morning and try out the new sled I rushed out to get on Thursday. We had breakfast, dressed in all our waterproof motorcycle gear, and went down to get the dogs. Foggy was stoked...Yana, not so much. We tried to get Yana to ride in the sled and let us pull her. She would ride for a bit and then bail. We decided to just take her back home. She was rather pleased with that decision.

So, Foggy, Mike and I were off to find the perfect sledding hill. We slid down a smaller hill then we were off through the woods (not an easy task on a steep hill, carrying a sled, with a dog on a leash and 8 inches of snow). We finally came out of the woods at the mack daddy sledding hill. Unfortunately, I have no proof of said hill. I didn't take my camera out (didn't want to damage it). This hill was very very steep and we were quite exhausted just walking up. Mike went down first. He was headed straight for a tree but managed to change course and avoid disaster. After he laid in the snow for about 5 minutes getting his strength up for the trek back up, he made it back up the hill for my turn. I started a little farther over on the hill to avoid the tree. I took off and it was so fast, I must admit, I was scared. I think my screaming was a dead giveaway of my fear of death. With about a quarter of the hill left, it basically goes straight down and you get airborne. Did I mention that this hill heads right toward a pond in the neighborhood? By the time I hit this cliff, the snow was stinging my face and I couldn't see a dang thing. I was nervous about going in the pond so I jumped off the moving sled. That was a mistake. I had the breath knocked out of me just a bit (flashback to childhood sledding incident). I wasn't so sure that I hadn't broken a rib. Mike was yelling at me to get get the idea.

I recovered, trekked back up the hill, had a gameplan in mind for my next slide down and went on to have a GREAT time sledding. This was the highest, steepest, and fastest sledding hill I've ever had the honor of sledding down. Mike kept whining that he'd bruised his such bruise ever surfaced (Mike said "It's a deep tissue bruise"). We drove by today to check out the possibility of sledding this afternoon and our sledding path was muddy. Others had found our sledding mecca and it was spent until the next snow. But we've got the sled now so we'll be prepared!!

I did manage to take a few pictures once we got home. Foggy was so cold he went and sat down in front of the fire and started licking his cold paws. He was a trooper!!!

House with 8 inches of snow.

Proof of how deep it was.

Yes, that's my crazy husband, on MY motorcycle in the snow. He didn't get too far.

More proof of how much snow we had.

Finally, a Wike Family snow tradition....snow cream!!


Annette said...

I think you guys got more than we did! Glad you took full advantage of the recreational possibilites and lived to tell about it.

susan said...

I told you to watch out for trees I didn't know I had to tell you to watch out for ponds too! Sounds like good times to me :)

Absolutely Kathy said...

Hehe sounds like you guys had fun. Oh how I wish I could have seen you going down that hill and flying off. Brings back memories of you running into the tree. Well more like brings back memories of people telling me you ran into a tree. I was to young to remember, I mean you are I will have to go buy a sled for the next big snow day. The lame kids in my neighborhood didn't even come out of their houses except one time and it was only for like 5 minutes.