Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Friday was Mom and Dad's birthday. Mike and I went to visit them Saturday and take them out to dinner. Both grandbabies were there as well. Kathy and Virginia were in town visiting Kathy's friends and Susan and Samantha were in town visiting her friend Lezlie. So, all of Mom and Dad's girls were there to celebrate their birthday!

The kiddos are both walking pretty good now. It is really adorable to watch them walking (or trying to walk) all around. It's fun picking on Samantha. Mike finds endless entertainment in Samantha's Fozzy Bear trick. It really is just too funny. Susan, you need to get a good video of her doing that. She needs to see that later in life for a good laugh. Both kiddos are really sweet and are lots of fun!!

I really didn't get any good pics this time. They just wouldn't cooperate. But, in the spirit of keeping to my New Year's Resolution, I've posted them anyway.

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