Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 - A Retrospective

In no particular order...

Mike and me in Morocco...what a trip!!

Our adorable nieces this Christmas

The highly elusive Working Husband (without wife)

This pretty much sums up Yana's year (and life)

Annette's ride on the Harley

One of my favorite pictures...the beautiful snow we had in 2009!

Valentine's Day flowers...I was surprised

The infamous peanut butter nailed to a tree...stupid squirrels!!

Last but not least...Samantha joined us in 2009!!

Can't wait to see what 2010 holds!!


Annette said...

It's been a good year!

Lisa said...

A good year indeed!

I love the snow picture.. so pretty!

Absolutely Kathy said...

It has been a pretty amazing year! Can't wait to see what happens in 2010 :-)

Susan said...

The snow picture is one of my favorites too!