Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, it officially took forever to download my pictures. I've at least recently come to the conclusion that it'll be much easier if I download the pictures before typing my post. Maybe my New Year's Resolution will be to be more patient...that'll never work!!

Anyway, it was another year and another great Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent at Mike's parent's house. We had a great time. Thanks to everyone for the gifts. Then Christmas Day was at my parent's house. It was rainy but we still had a great time. Uncle Billy was there to entertain us. This was the first Christmas with both babies. They were so well behaved ( I don't think that's how you spell that word, but you get what I mean), so adorable, and so much fun!! Can't wait for them to get older. I really can't wait to be able to play with all the fun stuff they'll be getting for Christmas.

Grandma Brown got the girls these vintage looking tops. They were the hit gift of the day. The babies loved did the adults!!

As you can see, they're trying to figure them out. Samantha seems to be very determined!!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown...adorable!!

Uncle Robert and Aunt them!!!

Dad and Virginia. Those two kids really do love their Grandparents!

Samantha playing hide and seek. She wasn't a very good hider!

Our niece Ashleigh. She got those very cool boots for Christmas. More importantly, she also got engaged right before Christmas. It's looking like an October wedding. Congrats to Ashleigh and Jason.

Mike's parents gift....some of my finest wrapping. When we got it to their house, we realized that we didn't get the whole thing covered. Oh well!

We are blessed to have such a wonderful and loving family. We love you all!!


Susan said...

and we love you too!

Sue said...

Hey Melissa, looks like you had a wonderful time with your families!! Hope that the New Year brings you much joy and happiness. Love you, girl!!