Sunday, December 6, 2009

25 Years!!

Last night we went to a surprise party for Mike's sister and husband, Sharon and Keith. Their 25th wedding anniversary is December 8th!! Our niece and nephew organized the party. There were probably about 100 people there. I was really impressed with how nice it was. Ashleigh (niece) really put a lot of thought and work into the night. Brandon (nephew) put together a photo slide show and also had a mini 'roast' of the couple. Mike was happy because Shell's BBQ catered the event.

You couldn't meet nicer people than Sharon and Keith. It was obvious last night how many other people feel the same way. Congratulations to Sharon and Keith!!!!

Sharon & Keith

The kids greeting Sharon & Keith when they arrived at the party.

Ashleigh greeting her mom as she came in the door.

Brandon and Mike's Mom, Betty

Anniversary cake

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