Friday, December 18, 2009

Ah, Revenge. It is Sweet

This week myself and a few co-workers were able to get the last word (as they say) on a fellow co-worker. It was one of the best pranks I've ever had the pleasure of participating in. I'll tell the story but it is rather lengthy and I'm sure will not be as amusing to others as it was to the people involved. Ok, here goes....

Every year there is a door decorating contest for Christmas. A wreath is always involved and must be decorated according to the theme for the year. This year's theme was candy and it must reflect your personality. We have a new Operations Director in the building this year (transferred from another location). Therefore it was his (Ron) first year participating in the contest and he was determined to win. The ladies that work for him said they were scared they'd lose their jobs if they didn't win. Well, they decorated their door early and it was impressive.

After seeing their door, I decided to scrap my idea because it was lame. My department, Finance, decided that although Operations door was pretty, it did not properly reflect the theme and therefore, we could not let them win. We decided to spring our door on them at the last minute. The judging was to be this Thursday so we were going to decorate Wednesday after work.

Well, I got to work Wednesday morning and before I could even take my coat off, my co-worker, Sandy, was in my office and said "We're pissed". Coming from Sandy, them is fighting words. Apparently, the judging had taken place Tuesday night because there was a first place ribbon on Operations door and a second place ribbon on another door. I flew off the handle (surprise, surprise) and marched up to Operations and said to Ron "This is BS and we are protesting" (like we really could protest a door decorating contest). Well, I started to notice that all the other decorated doors had 2nd place ribbons. Well, Ron thought it would be funny to play this trick on everyone - you know, everyone else is 2nd and he is first.

While at lunch that day, we devised a plan for revenge. After Ron left that night we went up to his department and took his entire door off!!! We moved it to an unused office. We, of course, did not ruin the decorations. We put a sign in the doorway where the door was saying he'd been disqualified and we also left a ransom note for the door. He and his department were a bit shocked to come in the day of the judging and find that their whole dang door was gone.

Finance finished our door and we did indeed win the real competition. That made it even sweeter. Operation's door was judged as it leaned against the wall!!! I sent Ron an email that read "In your face...#1 goes to Finance. Merry Christmas." As many know, I love a little trash talking. I think Ron was surprised at my enthusiasm for the trashing talking. It was so much fun!!!!

Here are a few pictures to commemorate our sweet revenge...

We won a new car for coming in first place!!!

The Operations door - after the kidnapping.

The winning door!!!

One final touch on the prank. This morning, in the door less door frame, there was a bag of wood chips with a note that read "Ron's Door, R.I.P." He has warned us that the bar has been raised and there will be payback. All we have to say is...BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!


Absolutely Kathy said...

That is awesome!!! Good job Lisa!

Susan said...

That is awesome! Those people have no idea what they're getting into when it comes to competition and trash talking!!!

Annette said...

Glad he's not your boss!!

Sue said...

That is so dang funny. Just what I needed was this kind of belly laughing read!! Have a wonderful Christmas, Melissa. Love you bunches, girlfrind!!