Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Party Time!!

On Saturday we celebrated Samantha's 1st birthday. She'll actually be 1 on January 14th. She was full of energy and loved being the center of attention. I've got lots of pictures because they were just too cute not to post.

There's the B-day girl. She uses her toy as a walker. Very creative!

This makes me laugh out loud!! This is the cake that Samantha's mother made for her. Sad isn't it. What's even sadder is that this is the 2nd (and better) attempt. I believe she tried to ice it a wee bit early. To make matters was a carrot cake!!!! The adults had chocolate cake (thank goodness!)

The above picture of the cake was necessary to set up these pictures. Here we witness the two parents trying to coax Samantha into eating that masterpiece.

Her expression says it all. Actually, I thought this was a really sweet and adorable picture.

She's giving the cake her famous "What the heck?!?!" look.

And finally, after cutting it up into small pieces, she ate some of her birthday cake (and lived). I guess it tasted better than it looked!

Here's the B-day girl opening her presents! Wow, that's a cool guitar, I wonder who got her that most awesome gift??

I LOVE this picture...Virginia with her balloon, getting strapped in for the ride home.

Ohhh, look at that adorable face...she is such a sweet, sweet girl!!

Couldn't resist. Mike was seriously concerned that her head was going to fall off!!!

Both nieces are now 1 year old. They are so much fun and just sweet babies. Can't wait until they start talking and we actually know what they're thinking, instead of having to guess.


Susan said...

ok picture of Samantha actually eating the cake must have been taking BEFORE she gagged on it! And what made me laugh out loud was thinking of Mike seriously be concerned Virginia'a head was gonna fall off! It was definitely a fun day. I don't know whether to be excited or concerned when Samantha starts talking...

Susan said...

wow my spelling/grammer was horrid on that last post. I should have proof read!

Sue said...

That was so funny about the cake...when a kid won't eat the cake, you know it is BAD!! LOL! Looks like the rest of the party was a huge success though :) Hope that your new year is going well and that this year we can see each other some.
Love ya!!

Absolutely Kathy said...

Great pictures Lisa! I still laugh thinking about how concerned MIke was about Virginia and how she was sleeping. The party was great and it is hard to believe both Samantha and Virginia are now one years old. Susan it will be scary when they start talking. Just think of the things they will be repeating that we say lol.

Annette said...

The party was a blast! Thanks for inviting us. We had four generations present! Lisa, you take the best photos. We got to laugh twice.