Monday, August 9, 2010

Dawson City to Whitehorse

This day was not the most exciting of days. I really can't remember much about the drive. So, that being said, here are the pictures...

This was taken at a little pull off we stopped at to take a break.

This cute little structure was a visitor information center.

We stopped at a little store to take a break and saw these little fellas. We'd seen them for a few days but this was the first opportunity to get pictures. We hadn't seen too much wildlife so far, so we were easily excited.

Also at this stop was this adorable horse. Notice the little sign. I wanted to pet him so bad and he seemed to want to be petted but I had to obey the sign. Sad!!

We stayed in Whitehorse. This is the biggest town in the Yukon. We stayed at a Westpark, which is a chain of motels in the Yukon and BC. The hotel had a Vaudeville show. Mike suggested we get tickets, I think because he could tell that I hadn't had the most exciting day. It was actually very entertaining.

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Susan said...

Love the dudes in the last picture!