Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whitehorse to Deese Lake

Our next stop was supposed to be Watson Lake but we knew we could make it farther than that. So the night before we just found a random place, Deese Lake, a little farther down the road and made reservations. As we were leaving from Whitehorse, we talked to some other bikers that said they were told not to stay at Deese Lake. Oh well, I guess we'll see what we're in for.

Today the road was much more scenic than the previous day and we finally saw some wildlife. First we saw one bear. Then, just a little ways down the road, we saw a mama bear and her two cubs.

That was very exciting. They were just so cute and were your typical babies. They were playing around and just having fun. Then they'd realize that mama had gotten a little bit from them and they'd hurry to catch up. We watched them for a bit.

That's one big mama!!

This is the Signpost Forest at Watson Lake. It's a little redneck stop along the way. It actually is a must see. It goes on forever. We actually found a sign from Kings Mountain and a street sign that looked to be from Charlotte. It was Statesville Ave!! How about that...we're from Statesville!!
We made it to Watson Lake by lunctime. It was a good decision to go a little further down the road today.

This was a sign at the start of the Cassiar Hwy. We were headed to Hyder, AK. It was across the street from where we eat lunch. While at lunch, another couple drove up two-up on the same kind of bike we had. They were about our age. It turned out we were headed in the same direction. We didn't ride together but we saw them for a few days in a row. It was kind of nice to have some riding buddies.

This is where we stayed in Deese Lake. There was nothing to worry about. It was actually the best place we'd stayed so far (other than Wiseman) and it was the cheapest. We had a very nice room for $86. The main house had only 5 rooms (I think). There was another building that had about 4 more rooms. If you stayed in the house, you got a continental breakfast. There was a restaurant across the street. We decided to just walk up the road to a little grocery store for dinner and just bring it back to the room. The hotel had a common kitchen area that we could use. While looking around at the grocery store I noticed a good example of just how expensive food is up here. A half-gallon of Breyer's Ice Cream was $12!!!!

Today was fun and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. The Cassiar Hwy looks really promising!


Susan said...

$12 for ice cream?!? That's insane!

Absolutely Kathy said...

Love all the pictures, it looks so beautiful up there. Mom and Dad could never live in this place 12 dollars for ice cream. They would be broke within a couple of weeks.

Sue said...

I travel vicariously through your journeys!!! Love all your photos and your dialogue about your trips. How long were you guys gone on this trip?? I know that I would have skipped that ice cream!!
Melissa, thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving me comments :) You need to hop on that 'hawg' and come see me!! Miss you.