Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day in the Park

Saturday I went down to Rock Hill to spend some quality time with Samantha. I had wanted to see both Virginia and Samantha. Unfortunately, Virginia wasn't feeling good. So, hopefully next time I can see both girls. We went to a park near Susan's house while Joe taught a lesson. We'd hoped to see some ducks but I guess it's still too cold for the ducks. Samantha took it pretty well. She wanted to see the ducks but was quickly distracted by the swings. These were big people swings. I sat her up there and pushed her for a bit. I actually held on to the back of the hood on her jacket. I had a fear of her falling off. That's all I need!!!

That was fun for a bit then it was off to the playground. There was one play set and it had a little slide or you could crawl up a tube to a bigger slide. Samantha had the hang of the little slid right off the bat. She's slide down, say 'Again!!' and then go back to the steps to go again. We talked her into going up the tube to the big slide (it didn't take much convincing). This required Mom to climb up some impossibly steep ladder to get to the top of the slide to meet Samantha. Samantha needed a little help getting out of the tube. Then Susan would kind of lower her a little ways down the slide and then let go. Samantha was funny to watch coming down the slide. Her eyes would get big like she was scared but she loved it!!! She went over and over again. By the end she would sit at the top and slide down by herself. There was a four year old there that was too scared to go down the big slide. But not Samantha, she's a dare devil!!!! I couldn't help but wish I could go down the slide too!!

She was very cute and played very well with the other kids on the playground. You'll just have to take my word it as to how cute she was. I have no pictures to post. I took some cute pictures but had no memory card in the camera so the pictures are saved on the internal memory of the camera. This is all well and good but the cord that connects the camera to the computer doesn't work. So, since the pictures are not saved on a card, I can't use the card reader to get them to the computer. I think they are forever stuck on the camera. That's a big bummer!!!

After the park we went to meet Joe for lunch. Samantha surprised me as she knew where in town we were. She told Susan to turn into one shopping center because there is a restaurant she likes there. Then on the way home, as we got close, she said 'We made it!!'. She knew we were almost home. She is a very cute and sweet girl and she always makes me laugh. I love me some Samantha!!! Can't wait until I get to see her again.

Since I don't have any park pictures, this is a picture that Susan sent me. This is the Wild Child...

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Susan said...

I have been checking your blog for 2 days waiting on park pictures. Oh well, it was good times for all!