Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dan Nicholas Park

Today Susan and Kathy were kind enough to come to Salisbury's Dan Nicholas Park so I could see the kiddos.

This is Kathy showing off her parenting skills. She discovered that she'd put Virginia's shoes on the wrong feet. Brilliant!!!!

We first checked out the model airplanes that were flying right outside the park.

Then it was off to the playground. Samantha is a mad woman on the playground. She played all over the big kids part by herself. She would climb up to the highest part and slide down the twisty tube slide (which was dark she informed us). She would also climb up the ladders that were really too big for her but that didn't stop her. Virginia was more content to sit at the table in a play train and just chill with the other kids.

After some convincing we ventured off to the train and carousal. Both seemed to like the train at first then we went in a tunnel with some music and Samantha didn't care too much for that. Samantha sat out the carousal but Virginia was a rock star.

She rode a horse all by herself, I was very impressed.

Check out these cute farm animals...

Samantha really loved the playground so while she played, Kathy and I took Virginia to the petting zoo. It was really more off a 'look at the animals from a far' zoo. She seemed to like the animals though.

It was hot as heck but it was fun playing with the little ones. They are adorable and are growing up fast. Just a few more pics before I go....

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