Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip

We took a road trip this weekend. We left on Friday after work and stayed the night in Greenville, AL. Where were we going and why you may be wondering...destination was Baton Rouge, LA and the why, well, I'm sure you can guess. I'd never been to Miss. or Louisiana so I got to see two new states. We drove right past the two big auto plants on the Georgia/Alabama line. One was Kia and the other was Hyundia.

This pic doesn't do it justice, these places were massive.

We drove across some unique landscapes. Sections of the road went across swamp or bayou areas. The land is so low that the road was right at the same level as the tree line. Very interesting. Baton Rouge is right on the Mississippi River so we had to make sure we went over it.

I didn't do too good on the pictures but it's hard to take pictures from a moving car. Take my word for it, this is a large river.

We got what we came for...

FOR ME!!!! That's right, I was ready for an upgrade and I love it!!!

We headed back East and stayed the night in Biloxi, Miss. Mike said that it was very different since the last time he'd been there. He was there before Katrina. There were many buildings just no longer there and there were no floating casinos to be seen. We talked to a native and he said that the casino/hotel we were staying at was closed for two years after the storm. He said that many of the casinos and restaurants were rebuilt further inland. You could tell that many of the buildings were new. Hard to imagine what those people have been through, much less those from New Orleans. We ate at a local seafood restaurant. It was a neat place.

We headed home Sunday morning and that's when things got interesting. We were driving Mike's dad's Explorer because we figured it would pull the trailer with the bike easier than our Jeep. Well it did for a while. Then at a gas stop we noticed that there was oil all over the back of the car and the trailer and the bike. Needless to say, this was not good. We were near Greenville, SC so we decided that I'd just ride the bike the rest of the way. We called John, my co-worker who knows about cars, and he said to put oil in the rear differential. We did this and just went slow down the interstate. Let me must say now much I enjoyed being viewed as the slow chick on the bike doing about 65 down the interstate. Then getting on 321 and having the pleasure of being passed by two cruisers. Yeah, that didn't suck.

We were headed to T-ville but didn't quite get there. Mike could tell it was about to give out so we stopped close to Hickory and Mike's parents came and called AAA. Hate it for Mike's parents but we'll get it fixed. Really wasn't too bad but no one likes to end a road trip with their car on the back of a roll-back.

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