Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baseball and Bingo

Time for another baseball trip to Baltimore to see the Angels play. Of course we had to pick the hottest weekend of the year. You have no idea how hot it was. We flew up this time so we saw the Friday and Saturday night games and flew home on Sunday.

Saturday it was just too hot to do anything outside so we were looking for something to do inside. We looked at some brochures at the hotel and decided, what the hell, let's play bingo! We called a cab and off we went. We had no idea what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised. It was obvious that we had no clue what was going on. My plan was to buddy up with some sweet old lady so she could show me the ropes. This wasn't your mama's bingo parlor. This place was serious. You had your standard paper cards but everyone also had a computer. The computer would play cards as well. You could also see on the computer what ball was going to be pulled next. This was also on TV screens around the room too. We found a spot to sit, got our dobbers out off a machine and we were ready to play. Each paper had 9 bingo cards to play. Mike and I were swamped playing just the 9 cards. All these other pros were playing 27 cards!!! We had a blast. Each game paid 100 bucks. I won a game but had to split it three ways. I also had a premature bingo call. I could see that the next ball was going to be a winner. They knew I was a newbie so all was good. I was so giddy. It was so exciting when the girl came over and counted out my cold hard cash.

Here I am with my winning card.

You don't see this everyday.

Mike would get mad if I'd talk during a game. You must stay focused.

The morning round was over at about 2pm. We had fun, won some money and still had time to kill. So, we were going to go have some crab cakes for lunch and then head back for round two. One problem, we had no car and would have to wait for a cab. No worries, my sweet old lady came through for us. She offered to drop us off at the restaurant. Wow, so, so nice!!! Bingo people are good people!!! We had a yummy lunch and were pumped for round two.

Best crab cakes ever!!!! A must in Baltimore.

We were no longer rookies, so we went all out and played 27 cards this time. Yeah, this did not work. We were heads down, daubing numbers, stressing, so much that we couldn't even take a moment to look to see if we had bingo. All these other people are machines. I'd chance a glance around and Mike and I were sweating and these people are kicked back chilling, waiting for the next number. We decided to drop back to 18 cards. I won again but again it was a three way split. Mike was still winless and we were down to the last game. This game was worth $300 big ones. You had to fill your card. Mike pulled it out. Well, actually, his computer won but it still counted. Bummer though, someone else had bingo too. Had to split two ways. I had to hear Mike complain about this for two weeks afterward. Bingo is my new addiction. I'm on the lookout for a local bingo place.

We made it to the game just on time and at 7pm game time, the temp was 101!!!!!

Friday I got Mark Trumbo's autograph. He was a super nice kid. But I was on a mission to get my main man's autograph. Who is my main man you may wonder. Well, it's none other than Jeff Mathis. Never heard of him, there's a reason, he may actually be the worst player in baseball. He is the catcher but I like him. He had a killer post season one year against the Red Sox so he is my hero. I tell Mike that I'm naming my next dog Mathis. So, we are right behind the dugout and I finally get his attention. I ask for the autograph and can you believe that this dude turned me down!!!! What the hell???? This dude should have jumped into the stands to sign. Who ever, ever asks him to sign??? Not to mention that I had to defend his honor the night before to some punk kids in the stands. I was stunned. Mathis, if you are reading this, you're still my main man. I'm sure you would have signed but I bet Sciocsa doesn't let catchers sign. I think I may write Sciosca and request that he make an exception so you can sign for your one and only fan.

We always have a great time in Baltimore. Now, not only will we get great baseball but we'll also have bingo to look forward to on our next trip!

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