Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doing The Aunt Thing

This post is a bit late but still worth posting. I was off on Fridays this summer so I went down to Concord one Friday to visit little Virginia. She is getting more and more fun to be around as she continues to grow up.

When I got there we did a little coloring but we were really in a hurry to go to lunch. Virginia was too cute, she had to take her little purse.

She really was happier than she looks in this picture.

There, much better.

We went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. This is a place that the Hildebrands visit often apparently as the staff seemed to know Virginia. Virginia kept pointing at the pictures of the mixed drinks that were on the table and said she wanted one. We joked to the staff about this and they surprised her with a mini virgin drink. That was just so sweet. And I have to say, she was really too adorable to ignore. Of course once she got her drink, she didn't seem to care for it. That's ok because Kathy and I sure enjoyed it.

Next we were off to Target. This is apparently one of Virginia's favorite places. She was very good the whole time and even helped me decide that some shoes I tried on weren't for me. She is a little shoe diva. I had fun pushing her in the cart. I gleaned from a post Kathy made that she wasn't so thrilled with our little adventure in the parking lot. That's OK, that's what aunts are for.

Next Kathy took me by to see their new house. Very nice!!! Congrats by the way!!! This is what Virginia looked like in the back seat.

Then like 5 minutes later she was asleep but she never dropped the sucker.

Once back home we painted a bit before I had to go. I really had fun and am enjoying being an diapers and I seem to get only the good behavior!!!

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