Sunday, July 31, 2011

Belize City

We had an unexpected change of plans. Rather than spend the last day on the island and snorkeling on the reef, we left a day early and flew to Belize City.

This is our waitress. She was with us the entire time. When we changed locations, so did she. She was going to school to be a high school math teacher. She was just the sweetest.

Belize City is very poor. There is really only one name brand hotel, so we stayed there. It is right outside the tourist village. The tourist village was built for the tourists that come to port from the cruise ships. The catch is that no locals, other than workers, are allowed inside. We had to show a passport just to get inside. Pretty nuts huh?? It was also very evident that tourists from cruise ships don't see the 'real' countries that they dock at.

We spent this day walking around town a bit. Not too much to see. We did tour the old capital building.

Belize used to be a British colony and was called British Hondurus.

Local fishermen.

The next day we had some time to kill before our flight home. There are many pain in the ass locals constantly, constantly haggling the white and obvious tourists. We did meet one rather nice gentleman that took us on a brief tour around the city.

Here he is taking a break from our tour to pullover and buy some key limes from a street vendor.

The cemetery was in the median of the road...odd. It was interesting to see were the locals live. There do seem to be many schools but also much crime. Our guide said that he tries to not go out at night. Belize is a drug trafficking corridor from Columbia, to Mexico, then to the States.

Well, that's it for the vacation posts...finally. It wasn't the perfect trip but a memorable one none the less. Belize is a vey interesting country and really all the people we met were very friendly.

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