Friday, July 8, 2011

Jungle Camp

This morning we said goodbye to Ballum Na Camp. First we took a little walk around the property. I think this was mainly to kill time.

These are the nuts from the palm trees.

After our walk we went to see some other local ruins. These were pretty cool. There were big stones with intricate carvings.

There were also similar ruins as to the ones we saw the other day. This site also had some tombs.

This was Mike's favorite tree. I think it is called the Seba tree.

After lunch we headed out to the Jungle Camp. This is where we started to get a bit disappointed in the trip. We were supposed to take a 2 hour canoe ride down the river to the camp. This location is only accessible by boat. Due to the fact that the river has risen so much because it's the start of rainy season, the canoe ride was not an option. So, instead, we had to take a 45 minute car ride to the ocean and catch a boat from there and ride into camp from the other side of the river where it wasn't so high. While not as cool, it was still neat.

These are the mangroves that surround the river. Our guide said these are important to protect the inland from hurricanes. The roots grow down from the branches into the water.

Soon we were at our next stop.

The water is so high that the steps that go up to the hotel were submerged in the water.

The rooms are located off of this walk way. Tonight we were supposed to take a boat out at night to look for wildlife but again, may not happen due to the swollen river. Maybe tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!!

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