Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to Belize

We got to Belize today. We flew from Miami to Belize City. We had to wait at the airport for a domestic flight to our resort. This was the plane we took.

It sat 13 people. This was a fun little flight. We made one stop to drop some people off then we were the next stop. We landed on a gravel runway. It is a private airstrip for the resort. There was no building, just a van to meet you. We were the only people for that stop.

After a short ride into the jungle we arrived at our resort.

The highlight of this location are two captive jaguars. Belize has a jaguar sanctuary and there are still wild cats in the jungle.

Up close and personal. Our room looks into the jaguars cage. We did see a bit of a cat fight when it was dinner time. They are fed in separate cages but that didn't stop the spotted one from taking a swipe at the black one.

Today there aren't any activities planned so we just wondered around. The coolest thing was seeing all the ants carrying leaves...tons and tons of ants.

So cool!! ( many bugs!!!! I have to type a few words then swat at the bugs...must go inside soon).

We were also amazed at the size of the palm fronds.

It's almost dinner time and we'll find out about our excursion for tomorrow. Should be a fun and relaxing week!

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