Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moho Cay

Ok, this morning we were to go to our final destination, Moho Cay. Again, this would involve another trip down the river. This morning however, it was raining. We were pretty much stuck in our room until the time of departure. Things did start to look up as our departure time loomed. The skies did clear and we had great weather for the trip down and for the afternoon at Moho Cay.

Moho Cay, now this is paradise.

This is the view from our cabin.

This is our cabin. The island had 10 cabins but one was struck by lightening so they are down to 9.

These little critters were there to welcome us.

We spent the afternoon doing a little kayaking, which I was a whiz at by the way (more on that later) and sunbathing. I don't know if you can really call it sunbathing when you slather on 70 SPF sunscreen. I can tell you that it did it's job as I had some sunburn spots were I didn't get full coverage (which is not a good look).

A few more shots from the island.

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