Monday, July 11, 2011

JC Day Two continued...

I know the suspense has been killing you. We made it back to our room safe and sound after our canopy experience. Here are a few fun pics at the Seba tree (not the Saber tree as I almost called it). Mike thought that was hilarious.

All he's missing is a leopard print loin cloth!!

While we were resting, our guide, Antonio, came and got us because there were some wild pigs on the grounds having lunch.

There was a baby pig...ahhh!!!

There were four of them roaming around. We watched them from a raised platform.

After lunch we took a ride down the river. Well, I took a ride, Mike maned a kayak. He was a natural.

Here he is hard at work...

He paddled about 5 miles on this trip. This hard working man got in the boat when we made our way back home.

It was unbelievably peaceful out here. We were the only people around. It was totally isolated from the outside world. Really a site to see.

The whole point of the trip was to go down this little creek. Or as Antonio says, crick (just like a true Bayouean). We were on the hunt for crocodiles, or as Mike kept calling them, alligators. Since the water was high the crocks weren't resting on the banks so we didn't get a glimpse of any. However, trust me, they are there. How do I know? Because one scared the poo out of me when it raised it's tail and smacked the water close to the boat. He was within 5 feet of our aluminum canoe. So, for the rest of the time I was afraid of the boat turning over.

On the way back we did see some Black Howler monkeys.

Those black blobs in the tree are the monkeys. There was a baby here too. It was on it's mothers back.

This was a good day. We were limited as to our excursions because it is rainy season but we were still very pleased.

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