Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snake Cay

Again, we awoke to rain. It was rainy for most of the morning. Finally Mike and I got cabin fever. We decided to take the kayaks out in the drizzle. We were feeling pretty confident as we decided to go for the little island that was a mere speck off in the distance. We rowed and rowed and rowed. At one point we guessed how many more strokes we'd need to get to shore. I guessed 100 and Mike guessed 250. It took over 500!!!! What a relief to make it!!!!! Then, of course, we had to go back. Remember I mentioned earlier that I was a whiz at this kayaking stuff??? Well, I may have been exaggerating just a wee bit. On the way back, the current kept pulling my kayak to the right and I wasn't strong enough to stop it. I did two uncontrollable circles. Needless to say, there was a bit of panic. I'm not afraid of water, but I don't really like being way out on the ocean. Anyway, Mike was really no help. There was no hurried rowing from him to come to my rescue. He did tell me how to put the brakes on and lectured me on how panicking never helps in any situation. Thanks dear!!! Our guide was watching from the pier and must have noticed my 'performance' because he set out on the boat for a rescue. I had to refuse. I was determined to make it back under my own power and I did!!!

The island is the one way off in the distance on the right side of the picture. Not the two close ones. Trust me, it's like 10 miles away (wink wink)!!

So, after lunch it did clear up and we headed out for some snorkeling off the Cays. First we had to stop at the rangers station and pay our entry fee.

This dog loved having Mike rub it's head. He would just close his eyes and enjoy his head rub.

Before the snorkeling, we stopped at Snake Cay. We were hunting boa constrictors. We saw many cool crabs here as well.

Can you see the sand colored crab??

Ok, after almost giving up, we found a snake just as we were heading back to the boat. He had to be shaken down from a tree.

Yup, that's me holding a wild snake all by myself. Pretty cool. These little boas are obviously smaller than the boas people are accustomed to seeing.

Not only did I get to hold the snake. I also got a nice case of poison ivy to bring home as well!!

Next, snorkeling...

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Annette said...

Just read all of your posts at once. Looks like quite an adventure! Fabulous photos! Glad you are safe.